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10Web Manager

4.1 Avg. Rating
10K Installs
Tested with WordPress 5.7.2

by 10Web.

When you connect your website to 10Web you can create an optimized copy of your website hosted on 10Web…

When you connect your website to 10Web you can create an optimized copy of your website hosted on 10Web with 90+ Google PageSpeed score. You can also migrate your website to 10Web Managed WordPress Hosting with 1 click.
10Web Manager is set to take website management to a whole new level. Just connect your site or opt out for our very own cloud hosting (paid) and all the essential components of your site – security to SEO, backups to image optimization – will appear right at your fingertips.
Discover the magical components the 10Web platform offers through one unified dashboard!
Unified dashboard for all your WordPress websites
10Web offers a convenient and elegant way for managing all your websites from a single dashboard.

Update WordPress core to keep your websites secure and supporting the latest versions of all premium plugins and themes.
Installing and managing your websites plugins & themes is not an everyday hassle anymore.
Access all your WordPress websites from the dashboard with 1 click.
Get overview reports for each website’s updates, performance, backups, security, rankings, image optimization, SEO and more.

Backup Service

Schedule automatic backups of your site by the period you need.
Use differential backups to backup just the updates made since the last backup to save time and space.
Keep your data in Amazon S3 cloud storage which is reliable, fast, and secure.
Restoring your website’s last version is only a click away.
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Image Optimization service

Our image optimization service will let you compress all uploaded images in three different optimization modes:conservative, balance and extreme.
Set to automatically optimize all new images uploaded to your website.
Convert one media format to another in just a click.
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High-Class Security

Get unlimited scans and schedule them according to your convenience.
Reveal any vulnerability of plugins and WP core, scan file changes by comparing it to the original in the and restore the original file from
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Search Analytics: comprehensive list of your search analytics and an option to group the data by geolocation will result in more accurate insights on search patterns and help you improve your site’s SEO.
Technical Analysis: Get concrete and in depth advice on making your website better at SEO based on meticulous scanning to identify possible technical issues.
Search Console page: Scan to reveal your SEO errors so you can make respective adjustments.
Canonicalization and Redirects: Set up functional redirects on 10Web dashboard to prevent irritating 404 errors. Further, duplicate content can now be fixed by including canonical URLs in your posts. Both points extremely important for efficient SEO.
Keyword rankings: Keep track of however many keywords you want based on current trends to optimize your website SEO accordingly.
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Google Analytics

Advanced reports: Perform a detailed comprehensive analysis of your visitors by various criteria, such as age, gender, geolocation, and interests.
Frontend reports: Your posts’ statistics can be displayed right on the front page.
Ecommerce tracking: Reports based on your ecommerce will let you follow and visualize your online shop’s trends and sales.
Goal management: Add and manage new goals right from your WP dashboard.

WordPress Cloud Hosting (Paid)

Google Cloud: 10Web hosting is Google Cloud-based, meaning it’s exceptionally fast and secure. So, your website can be hosted in different data centers in the US, Europe, and Asia. You can speed up your website through picking data centers according to your visitors’ locations.
Speed-focused architecture: provides super fast website load due to cutting edge technologies, absolute data isolation, automatic scalability, and broad availability for visitors. We use Nginx server, LXD containers and support the latest versions of PHP7.
Next generation infrastructure: Have the continuously updated modern technologies, both hardware and software, at hand and ready to use.
High security: Your site’s security is ensured by uptime monitoring, SSL support, data isolation, and other essential measures.
Automatic migration: Instant one-click migration. Your website will be moved to 10Web cloud for you as if by a spell.
Premium DNS: The premium Domain Name Servers that 10Web offers guarantee security and superior performance linking the IPs.
Staging area: You always have an area that looks just like your website to test drive any changes before they go live.
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Effortless Site Builder (Paid)
Elementor premium widget bundle: Elementor builder has been enhanced with additional features and 30+ premium widgets, such as the pricing table, call to action buttons, social sharing, and post layouts, giving you more control and striking results.
Stunning Design (Paid)
10Web is all you need for making an eye-catching visually stunning website. It provides innovative Page and site templates with ready, yet fully customizable design to save your time for creating content.
Technical Support

Emailing: Our Customer Care team is quick to answer any emailed questions.
24/7 real-time chatbox assistance: 10Wed offers real-time problem solving through live chat to make sure all queries are addressed and promptly resolved.
Minimal response time: The customer care team will get in touch with you less than 5 mins after the request.
Resolution time: any issue will be solved in at most 24 hours.

Privacy Policy
10Web manager asks for your consent when signing up and connecting your website to 10Web services. GDPR Compliant Privacy Policy

Upload the plugin files to the /wp-content/plugins/10web-manager directory, or install the plugin through the WordPress plugins screen directly.
Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ screen in WordPress
Use the Dashboard->10Web manager menu screen to sign up to 10Web services and connect your site

Are 10Web Services free?

Yep! Our core features are absolutely free. Besides an excellent site management dashboard, you also get a backup solution, image optimization, SEO and analytics service, as well as high-class security.
We have a set of premium features to help you out if you need more. We offer Managed Hosting powered by Google Cloud, Website Builder, 50+ Premium plugins and more.

Is 10Web Manager secure?

Sure! We have thousands of users and not a single case of a security breach. Our team works extra hard to ensure your security. We also offer an advanced security service for your WordPress websites.

Do I need a 10Web account?

Yes, to connect your website to 10Web you need to sign up for a free 10Web account. This will allow you to use all our WordPress services for free, indefinitely. As well as a 7 day trial of Managed Hosting, Website Builder and all other premium features. If you want to continue using our premium features, you can upgrade directly from the dashboard.

I ran into an issue when connecting my site.

If you are using the latest version of 10Web Manager, please consult the instructions on your 10Web dashboard or contact us at

Does 10Web offer technical support for free customers?

Yep, our Customer Care team is available at all times for all our users 24/7.

What makes 10Web an All-in-one platform for building and hosting WordPress websites?

Building and maintaining a WordPress website requires quite a few tools, such as a theme and plugins, as well as finding a suitable hosting, backup, and other website building services. 10Web provides the same experience for WordPress as you would have in Wix or Squarespace. With 10Web you get the whole website already hosted. You also get ready-made templates that allow you to edit all parts of your website including content, header, footer, and widgets. This way our users can launch their websites from a single platform in minutes.

What if I already have a website? Can I move it to the 10Web platform?

Absolutely! Migrating your website to 10Web is only a matter of a few clicks with our automatic migration tool. You can even copy your existing website to 10Web and compare its performance to your old hosting for free before making the final decision.

There are lots of page builder plugins. What’s the difference between them and the 10Web Website Builder?

Typically page builder plugins allow you to customize your website’s pages. With the 10Web Website Builder you can edit your entire website from a single interface: blog pages, posts, listing pages, search result pages, as well as menus, header, footer and more. We have also made templates for websites, so users can build entire websites from scratch using our Website Builder in minutes.

Can I still use custom WordPress themes and plugins if I made my website using the 10Web Website Builder?

For sure. It’s still WordPress. With the 10Web Website Builder, you can choose from our ready-made website templates, edit using front-end drag & drop editor (Based on Elementor page builder), use 50+ premium plugins provided by 10Web, but if you need any other functionality or another theme, you can always install any third party plugins and themes.

What versions of PHP 10Web supports?

We fully support PHP versions 5.6, 7.0, 7.1, and 7.2 that you can easily switch between.

Do you offer real-time backups?

Absolutely, you can schedule to backup your website every hour. Check out “What’s the Ideal Backup Schedule” article to find out if it fits your site best.

What backup features does a free membership include?

Basically, all the backup features you would normally get (one-click restores, backup scheduling and backup download, differential backup, etc.), but the storage space available varies depending on the plan. With differential backup, you’ll have more than enough storage for all your backup needs.

How complicated is the backup service to use?

All it takes is just a click from your 10Web dashboard’s backup service section.

Why should I optimize images?

Optimizing images immensely speeds up your site which improves the user experience and makes your website rank higher on Google. Check out this article to see the full benefits.

Is the optimization service really the best available?

Yep! Here’s an article with a detailed comparison to the most popular image optimization alternatives. Our optimizer is completely free, so you can simply enable it and see for yourself.

Does image optimization mean my images will look different?

Not at all. The whole point of image optimization is to reduce the size of the pictures without any quality drops detectable by the human eye.

Do I have to perform image optimization every time I upload a new photo?

No, you can set the 10Web image optimizer to perform automatic optimization every time you upload new visual content.

Can I optimize PDFs?

Sure. We offer JPEG, PNG, GIF, and PDF image optimizations.

What security features does a free 10Web membership include?

You get unlimited security scans for known security vulnerabilities and file changes. You can also schedule regular security scans.

What if one of my site’s files has been changed/broken?

With the 10Web Security service, you can easily restore the original file from your 10Web Dashboard.

So, does using 10Web security mean I can’t get hacked?

Not quite, no security service can absolutely guarantee that, but going with 10Web security service you’ll know for sure that you’re using state of the art security technologies with a constantly expanding database of known vulnerabilities.

Do I really need SEO?

Most definitely, assuming you want people to visit your site. SEO is crucial to making search engines rank you highly and search engines are how most users find what they are looking for.

Which SEO features does a free membership get me?

All of them, search and technical analytics, keyword rankings, canonicalizations, redirects, and more.

Is 10Web SEO solution updated according to the best current SEO practices?

Sure, our team is working hard to always stay in the flux of how the best websites get to become and stay the best in the robotic eyes of search engines.

Where can I find the 10Web Terms of Services and Privacy Policy?

These are available on our website: Terms of Services and Privacy Policy.

Fixed: Constant declaration warning
Fixed: Refresh token retry loop
Fixed: Bug with 3rd party plugins update
Fixed: Minor bug
Fixed: Minor bug
Fixed: Minor bug
Changed: Login protection (optimized queries)
Changed: By default migrate website through Amazon S3
Fixed: Minor bug
Added: Support for PHP 8.0
Added: Option to upload migration archive to amazon s3
Fixed: Minor bug
Fixed: Minor bug
Fixed: Minor bug
Fixed: Minor bug
Fixed: Minor bug
Fixed: Minor bug
Improved: Website migration
Fixed: Minor bug
Added: no_resize parameter on template import
Fixed: Minor bug
Improved: Website optimization
Fixed: Minor bug
Fixed: Minor bug
Improved: Website migration
Improved: Website migration
Fixed: Minor bug
Fixed: Minor bug
Improved: Website migration
Fixed: Bugs in Multisite
Fixed: Minor bug
Fixed: Elementor iframe
Improved: Website migration
Improved: Website migration
Improved: Website migration
Improved: Website migration
Fixed: Multisite state
Fixed: Minor bug
Improved: Website migration
Fixed: Minor bug
Improved: Website migration
Improved: Website migration
Improved: Website migration
Improved: Website migration
Fixed: Minor bug
Improved: Website migration
Fixed: Minor bug
Improved: Website migration
Fixed: Minor bug
Fixed: Minor bug
Improved: Website migration
Changed: 10Web manager page
Improved: Website migration
Improved: Website migration
Improved: Website migration
Improved: Website migration
Improved: Website migration
Added: Hook for cache delete
Improved: Migration
Fixed: Bug on multisite
Added: Redirect to 10web manager page after plugin activation
Changed: 10Web manager page
Fixed: Minor bug
Added: Multisite support
Improved: Website migration
Improved: Website migration
Improved: Migration
Fixed: Bug in PHP old versions
Improved: Migration
Improved: Migration
Changed: Exclude some directories as exact exclude
Changed: Require file to require with abspath
Improved: Migration with tar archive
Changed: 10Web video
Added: Endpoints for curl and rest checking
Fixed: 10Web plugin install from Elementor
Changed: Texts
Improved: Website migration
Fixed: Minor bug
Fixed: Bug in Safari
Added: 10Web cache
Fixed: Minor bug
Changed: Minor improvements for hosted websites
Changed: Performance page
Improved: Template import
Changed: Website migration
Added: Performance page
Fixed: Minor bug
Fixed: Minor bug
Added: Templates import
Added: Migration debug mode
Changed: Minor design changes
Changed: Minor texts changes
Changed: Design
Changed: IO page
Fixed: Bug on migration
Fixed: Bug on migration
Fixed: Bug on multisite
Fixed: Conflict with Elementor
New: Manager free plugin flow
New: gzip migration by default
New: 10Web builder API
Changed: Deactivation feedback
Fixed: PHP 5.3 error
Changed: Divi theme update notification
New: Migration to 10Web hosting
Changed: Video link
Added: 10web video
Improved: Error messages
Added: 10web components presentation
Improved: Connection with registration

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