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Admin Search

5 Avg. Rating
100 Installs
Tested with WordPress 5.8

by Andrew Stichbury.

Admin Search adds a simple, easy-to-use interface to your WordPress admin site that gives you and your WordPress admin users the ability to search acr …

Admin Search makes searching your WordPress website easy by bringing results from all your post types, media, taxonomies, comments, users and admin pages together in a single, simple-to-use interface, seamlessly integrated into the WordPress admin interface.

Choose which post types and taxonomies are searched and the number of results displayed for each. Admin Search also supports custom post types and taxonomies.

Admin Search is a lightweight plugin that doesn’t use any space in your WordPress database by using the WP_Query function in real time. Admin Search is also extendable with filters.


  • Search everything on your WordPress site, anywhere
  • Simple and easy to use
  • Sources of search results are customizable
  • Extend the search query with add_filter

Configure & Extend

Admin Search can be extended by using filters. The following filters are available:

  • admin_search_query to modify the search query string
  • admin_search_posts_query to modify the WP_Query arguments for all searched post types
  • admin_search_terms_query to modify the get_terms arguments for all searched terms (taxonomies)
  • admin_search_comments_query to modify the WP_Comment_Query arguments for all searched comments
  • admin_search_users_query to modify the WP_User_Query arguments for all searched users


// Correct the spelling of dog when searching
add_filter( 'admin_search_query', function( $query ) {
    if ( $query == 'dog' ) {
        $query = 'doggo';

    return $query;
} );


// Exclude post with the ID 96
add_filter( 'admin_search_posts_query', function( $query ) {
    $query['post__not_in'] = array( 96 );
    return $query;
} );

  1. Visit Plugins > Add New
  2. Search for “Admin Search”
  3. Activate Admin Search from your Plugins page
  4. Go to Settings > Admin Search and choose what to search on your WordPress website


  • Update: Tested on version 5.8 of WordPress


  • Update: The search UI is now centered and the scrim is removed. This makes it easier to access or view content on the page when the search UI is open


  • New Feature: Users are now searchable (by username, display name, email address or role)
  • New Feature: Posts can now be searched for by author
  • New Feature: Posts can now be searched for by date (year, month, or day posted, or posted before or after a date). This supports most date formats
  • New Feature: External websites can be added to search results. When performing a search, links to the external websites will be displayed, this is useful for including links to search results on other websites
  • New Feature: The Admin Search is now accessible on the front end of the website. This can be enabled or disabled in the Admin Search settings
  • Update: Taxonomies are now individually selectable
  • Update: Admin menu searches now search the actual admin menus rather than a static list. This is still in beta and is disabled by default, this does not currently work when searching from the front end of the website
  • Update: A new filter has been added to modify the search query string: admin_search_query
  • Update: A new filter has been added to modify the users query: admin_search_users_query
  • Update: The colors of the search UI have been updated to match the WordPress color update. Additionally, developers can customize the search UI colors using CSS variables
  • Update: The search UI colors now match the current admin color scheme (except for the Light scheme)
  • Update: General CSS updates (mostly for mobile and smaller browser sizes)


  • Fix: Addressed javascript error thrown when Admin Search is disabled
  • Update: Tested on version 5.7 of WordPress


  • Fix: Added correct version number to stylesheet and script URLs
  • Update: Tested on version 5.4 of WordPress


  • Fix: Limit is now applied to each post type, not the total number of posts returned
  • Update: Plugin has been tested back to WordPress 4.9.2