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Administrator Z

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100 Installs
Tested with WordPress 5.8.2

by Quyle91.

Some selected functions that are commonly used to support building websites quickly: some shortcodes integrated on UX Builder – Flatsome and Elementor …

Sometimes website installation gets boring with repetitive tasks, so I wrote this plugin to free up time on those things.

Demo: link
Document link

Feature functions:

  1. Default function:
    • Change login logo,
    • Auto update wordpress, plugin, theme
    • Hide menu dashboard for any role user
    • Use classic editor for post
    • Support some PHP config
    • Define your constants
    • Taxonomy thumbnail
  2. Enqueue:
    • External Fonts and some font supported
    • External JS files and custom code
    • External CSS files and custom code
    • Default Scripts and JS Libraries Included and Registered by WordPress
  3. Contact group button:
    • 4 styles
  4. Woocommerce support
    • Customize add to cart button
    • Add buy now button
    • Remove quanity field
    • simple checkout field: name + phone + address
    • List all woocommerce action hooks for your shortcodes
    • Product filter and search form
  5. Elementor
    • Support some elements: Carouse, Category recursive, Post grid.
  6. Flatsome
    • New custom 3 theme locations in customize
    • Support some elements:
      • Count down
      • Count view
      • Facebook fanpage embedded
      • Custom icon
      • Map with multiple marker
      • Navigation selector
      • Read more read less
      • Woocommerce form search
      • Flickity slider
      • Fotorama slider
      • Random number.
      • Light box
      • Portfolio new and search form
    • 2 CSS package style
    • Tiny MCE editor
    • New style for List item: Style List – None
    • Lightbox custom icon
    • List all Flatsome action hooks for your shortcodes
    • Dành cho AE Việt Nam: Có chức năng cho theme bất động sản (xem thêm trong document)
  7. Import data
    • Post, woocommerce product is supported
    • Auto save image to library
    • remove other html tag
    • Just 1 click for many article
  8. Mailer
    • Mailer smtp config
  9. Other tool
    • Replace image: Keep ID and image url
  10. Sercurity
    • Disable XML-RPC (auto enable)
    • Disable X-pingback (auto enable)
    • Disable Rest API
    • Disable file edit (auto enable)

Website of Author: link
Submit Issues: link

For more details you can send mail with your suggestions, recommendation to

Admin Dashboard-> Tools -> Administrator Z


  • Change All Option in wp_option to array for web speed.


  • New Mailer


  • Upload plugin to SVN
  • Contact group, login logo, some flatsome functions
  • woocommerce
  • Import data