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Post Comments as bbPress Topics

This plugin is an add-on for bbPress by Robin Wilson/Nick Chomey.

Replace the comments on your WordPress blog posts with topics from an integrated bbPress install

4.2 Avg. Rating
400 Installs
Tested with WordPress 6.2.2

Adds an option to the Discussion meta box to use a bbPress topic instead of WordPress comments, and displays that topic beneath the post on your site.

You can let the plugin create a new topic for you in the forum of your choice, or specify an existing topic to attach to the post.
A topic can be attached to as many posts as you’d like, but only one topic can currently be attached to a post.

  1. Extract the plugin archive
  2. Upload plugin files to your /wp-content/plugins/ directory
  3. Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ menu in WordPress

I don’t see the Discussion meta box. Where is it?

See this article for a quick tip on how to toggle the Discussion meta box.


*updated to correct errors on saving drafts and fix isssues where the ‘classic editor’ plugin was being used


*further updated prior to re-open


*further updated prior to re-open


*updated prior to re-open


*corrected error on update comments on import


*corrected error on update post when topic slug not numeric


*reverted to == for most compare functions from ===
*replaced ‘create_function’ which was deprecated in php 7.2 and removed in php8 for line 355 and 408


*bug fix for post update – to correctly update the relared topic


*allow for topic deletion and remove post meta


*amended error in custom post types to ensure listing on upgrade


*added support for custom post types


*an automatic cache purge for wp-rocket and w3Total Control has been added


*corrections to apply filters on line 77 to take out syntax error


*Amend if(jQuery(this).attr(‘checked’)) { to if(jQuery(this).prop(‘checked’)) { to resolve jquery issue


*Localise messages


*Corrections to ‘do this for existing posts’ to re-enable


*Improved settings display


*added the ability to choose post and page types for display


*added the ability to show reply count in topic link


*minor amendment to prevent error on processing update


*minor amendment to prevent undefined variable warning


*prevent duplicate topic creation on post update during post creation


*amended bbppt_activate get_options to correctly load on null value (new installation)


*commented out filter in comment-bbpress.php line 15 as no longer needed and causing pagination to fail


*fixed call to deprecated function in comment-bbpress.php line 15
*amended index.php to allow for gutenberg page and post meta boxes


  • Fixed: Posts with draft settings did not have topics created under certain circumstances – thanks, Opinynated
  • Fixed: PHP notice when editing global settings for the first time
  • Changed: Updated default templates to look better with twentythirteen theme


  • Added: Anchor for “Respond” / “Leave a reply” links in post listings
  • Fixed: Post titles appeared blank when saving under certain circumstances – thanks, Keiser Media and nosignal
  • Fixed: Saved draft settings were not reflected when editing the post under certain circumstances – thanks, RobJustice777
  • Fixed: A couple other PHP warnings


  • Fixed: Multiple topics created for posts under certain circumstances – thanks, Erlend Sogge Heggen!
  • Fixed: Draft settings not properly deleted when publishing posts
  • Changed: Silenced a bunch of warnings for a cleaner debug experience


  • Changed: Will now create topics for posts marked ‘Private’ when selected – thanks, dhtc
  • Fixed: PHP warning about uninitialized $bbp object
  • Fixed: topic “Freshness” did not match post date for imported posts- thanks, Justin Mason
  • Fixed: comment bubble count didn’t match reply count when importing existing comments
  • Fixed: post settings for copying tags and comments did not reflect defaults


  • Added: Can import comments when bulk processing posts (with new default setting)
  • Added: Broad support for scheduled posts and those made by plugins
  • Added: Delete forum topics when deleting last associated post
  • Added: Template functions for integrators / theme developers
  • Added: much-needed action hooks — more to come!
  • Added: Debug hooks for diagnosing issues when processing new topics
  • Changed: dropped $bbp for carrying topic ID to template files — copies of comments-bbpress.php must be updated
  • Changed: Bulk processing now includes posts with topics attached (to copy tags and import comments)
  • Changed: Skip ineligible post types during bulk processing – thanks, Gawain Lynch
  • Changed: Skip pages during bulk processing (can use filter to include them)
  • Fixed: Make path to admin script MU-compatible
  • Fixed: Make topic date match post date when importing old posts (or setting post date in the interface) – thanks, casewolf


  • Fixed: duplicate topics created when updating posts with a default forum set – thanks, nchiari
  • Fixed: could not access multiple pages of replies from post – thanks, oddcopter
  • Added: bulk create topics for existing posts from the Discussion settings page


  • Added: support for copying existing comments to bbPress topic – generously contributed by javiarques!
  • Added: support for loading template files from theme directory
  • Changed: cleaned up the Discussion meta box a bit
  • Changed: moved away from $bbp since it has been dropped in bbPress 2.1
  • Fixed: not all forums appeared in dropdowns in some cases – thanks, javiarques


  • Added: support for copying tags from post to topic
  • Added: support for creating topics for XML-RPC posts (only if creating a topic is set in defaults)
  • Added: translation support – thanks, efedoso
  • Changed: addslashes to topic body, fixing some topic content issues – thanks, sangil


  • Added: support for bbPress 2.1
  • Fixed: Bug that broke “Link to topic” option until default discussion settings were saved


  • Changed: default topic text is processed with kses
  • Fixed: bug that could prevent going back to custom settings once defaults were selected
  • Fixed: short_open_tag issues – thanks, dalekoop and drsim
  • Fixed: error when default discussion settings hadn’t been saved – thanks, richardjay


  • Added: option to display only link to topic under post
  • Added: option to display newest/oldest x replies under post
  • Added: change the content of the new topic from the Discussion settings page
  • Added: option to “Use default settings” to keep topic display uniform
  • Changed: added placeholder text to make existing topic selection more intuitive – thanks, qgil
  • Changed: internal settings storage, for easier future changes


  • Fixed: bug preventing access to edit posts / pages under some conditions – big thanks, KaiSD


  • Changed: topic creation runs only when post is published, not when saving a draft


  • Added: strip shortcodes from excerpt in topic – thanks, wpforchurch
  • Added: bbppt_topic_content_before_link filter to change topic content without processing the link
  • Changed: stopped using deprecated function for excerpt generation


  • Added: bbppt_topic_content filter to let others change the content of new topics
  • Changed: Made error strings more detailed when creating or assigning a topic fails
  • Fixed: translation function error (used _( instead of __( – D’oh!) – thanks, justin-mason and David100351


  • Added: can set creating a bbPress topic for discussion as default for new posts
  • Changed: post meta format


  • Added: option to show only replies on the post / page
  • Fixed: link in forum topic was to nowhere – thanks, justin-mason
  • Fixed: could not select child forums when creating a new topic – thanks, justin-mason


  • Added: show reply count instead of comment count for posts with an attached forum topic
  • Changed: display an error if bbPress is not detected instead of failing silently
  • Changed: how bbPress is detected


  • Added: can use a topic ID or topic post_name/slug for existing topic
  • Added: better handling of bbPress environment
  • Fixed: use existing topic now works as expected
  • Fixed: finally settled on a name


Initial Release