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Blobinator Content Advisor

by Michael Bordash.

The Blobinator Content Advisor plugin provides in-depth text analysis on your posts, pages, and product listings.

5 Avg. Rating
700 Installs
Tested with WordPress 6.0.2

Words Matter. Make sure yours don’t suck.

Boost engagement by using our real-time language optimizer.

The Blobinator Content Advisor WordPress plugin provides in-depth text analysis on your posts, pages, and product listings. Experiment with your words and get an objective review of the tone and emotions of your language and identify hidden keywords and concepts buried inside your content. Use these discoveries to fine-tune your writing style to your target audience and optimize search engine indexing (SEO).

Use the Blobinator Content Analyzer for article content, product descriptions, headlines, email text, you name it!

Free Plugin Features include:

  • Tone & Sentiment analysis (positive, mixed, neutral, negative)
  • Emotion detection and breakdown
  • Discover new keywords
  • Concept extraction and discovery
  • Automatically tag your content making it easier to manage

  1. Upload to your Plugins
  2. Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ menu in WordPress
  3. If you want to show Sentiment or Emotions in your public posts, go to Settings > Content Advisor

Is this a free service?

Yes. You will get 100 queries a day for free. You can purchase a paid subscription with support at (Contact Us)

Do you have a paid version?

Yes, the paid version is available via subscription at (Contact Us)

Can I display sentiment or emotion analysis on my public posts?

Yes. Go to Settings > Blobinator Advisor and select Yes to display sentiment or emotion on your public content


  • Tested with latest WordPress
  • Minor code cleanup


  • Added NEW emotional content analysis to Gutenberg editor
  • Minor code cleanup


  • Added Sentiment Analysis panel to Gutenberg editor
  • Fixed javascript caching issue for panels


  • Fixed ajax referrer issue.


  • Introduces support for WordPress 5.5 as well as some bug fixes/enhancements


  • Introduces support for WordPress 5.4 as well as some bug fixes/enhancements


  • Minor bug fix and API Key option for paid subscribers


  • Major UI change, removed modal presentation in favor of in-page container with tab controller


  • Fixed repo discrepancy which caused an exception


  • Fixed bug when appending tags to an article


  • Included ability to show emotion analysis on public posts
  • If public display is on, cognitive analysis will process content on public view (and then cached)
  • Code cleanup


  • Added settings page so you can display sentiment analysis on your public posts
  • Slight update to chart UI
  • Code cleanup


  • Fixed plugin activation error


  • Fixed trial key issue


  • Set default trial key, so no more manual activation. Also converted color bars to blue.


  • BUG-FIX: Fixed modal height based on viewport.


  • Cleaned up the README file and instructions, also included some screenshots.


  • Minor display fixes


  • First release of Blobinator plugin and corresponding SaaS service w/ keyed activation
  • Feature set includes: emotion detection, sentiment analysis, keyword extraction, concept expansion