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Tested with WordPress 5.8.3

This plugin is an add-on for WooCommerce by computy.

This plugin is designed to create a bonus system with cashback.

This plugin is designed to create a bonus system with cashback.
The cashback percentage is calculated based on the users status in the form of bonus points.
Each user status has a corresponding cashback percentage.
The users status depends on the total amount of the users orders.


You can test the plugin on this page


If you need support or have questions, please write to our support or blog.

  1. Upload dir bonus-for-woo-computy to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory
  2. Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ menu in WordPress

2.8.1 – 2022-01-19

  • Added a status scale in the pro version.
  • Minor bugs fixed.

2.8.0 – 2022-01-14

  • Added the ability to insert a referral link into the email template.

2.7.0 – 2021-12-09

  • Added the order of the “My bonuses” menu item in the client’s account in the settings.

2.6.0 – 2021-12-07

  • Added link to plugin settings on plugins page.
  • Added link for plugin testing.

2.5.9 – 2021-11-21

  • fix bug

2.5.8 – 2021-11-21

  • Added the ability to exclude cashback when the minimum order amount is set for using points

2.5.7 – 2021-11-20

  • Fixed a php error on the history page of crediting points.
  • Fixed a bug with awarding points to guests for purchasing an item.

2.5.5 – 2021-11-19

  • Added the ability to clear points that a customer wants to write off when the number of items in the cart changes.

2.5.4 – 2021-11-19

  • Deleting used points when emptying the basket

2.5.3 – 2021-11-18

  • Fixed a bug

2.5.2 – 2021-11-17

  • Fixed a bug with incorrect calculation of points write-off in the basket when a percentage of the order amount is indicated.

2.5.1 – 2021-11-15

  • Optimizing code
  • Fixed a bug with displaying a link to an order in the history of earning points.
  • Fixed translation errors

2.5.0 – 2021-11-13

  • Added the ability to change the name of bonus points.

2.4.3 – 2021-11-12

  • Fixed a bug that did not return the ability to write off points when deleting a coupon.

2.4.2 – 2021-11-10

  • Fixed a bug with clearing points when adding a coupon.

2.4.1 – 2021-10-29

  • Fixed error showing cashback in the product card

2.4.0 – 2021-10-21

  • Fixed a bug with creating a database.
  • Added option to destroy all traces of a plugin after deleting it.
  • Added a history of all user charges on a separate page.
  • Code optimization

2.3.3 – 2021-10-20

  • Added version for plugin scripts.
  • Fixed error displaying cashback in the product card.

2.3.2 – 2021-10-19

  • Fixed a bug where excluded roles were updated
  • Generation of a referral link at the time of registration

2.3.1 – 2021-10-01

  • Fixed incompatibility of Bonus for Woo with WPML plugin. Thanks to Maxim Shapovalov.

2.3.0 – 2021-09-30

  • Added notification of accruals for referral orders
  • Added the ability to add images to email templates
  • Referral link is generated at the time of client registration
  • Code optimization
  • Major bugs fixed.

2.2.2 – 2021-09-28

  • Added the ability to style the cashback display in the cart and checkout.
  • Minor bugs fixed.

2.2.1 – 2021-09-27

  • Added full clearing of the scoring history in the client editor.
  • Moved the history in your personal account to one page with bonuses.
  • Fixed the incorrect location of the item “My bonuses” in the menu.
  • Removed “cashback to” from registered users in checkout.

2.2.0 – 2021-09-27

  • Added templates for email

2.1.2 – 2021-09-25

  • Fixed incorrect display of cashback with excluded categories.
  • Added notification by email about status change.

2.1.1 – 2021-09-23

  • Added pdf manual.
  • Minor bugs fixed.

2.1.0 – 2021-09-21

  • Added. The ability to receive points for registration only to referrals.
  • Added social media buttons to the account page
  • Fixes for checking fields in the admin panel.
  • fixed adaptiv in admin
  • (Optimization) Clearing the history of accruals when deleting a user.

2.0 – 2021-09-19

  • Added notifications to clients’ mail.
  • Fix minor bugs

1.9.5 – 2021-09-18

  • Added text output above the registration form
  • Added the ability to specify the amount at which you can start using the referral system.
  • When you return the order, the spent and purchased bonus points will be returned.

1.9.4 – 2021-09-16

  • We made it possible to hide and show cashback in the cart and checkout for all users.

1.9.3 – 2021-09-15

  • Fix small bugs
  • Added the ability to hide the history of points accrual for clients

1.9.2 – 2021-09-12

  • Fix small bug

1.9 – 2021-09-11

  • Added referral system
  • Added bonus points accrual history

1.8.2 – 2021-09-08

  • Fixed display of cashback in the product card.
  • Ability to exclude roles from the bonus system.
  • Displaying the amount of cashback in the cart and in the product design.
  • Ability to disable cashback accrual for delivery.
  • Ability to disable spending points if a coupon is applied.
  • Ability to set the minimum order amount at which points can be deducted.

1.7.9 – 2021-08-29

  • Correcting an error where points were awarded for purchases of excluded items.
  • Fixed error with displaying prices in product categories
  • Fixed status change error when deleting an order.
  • Fixed error showing cashback in the product card
  • Added the ability to credit cashback for excluded products and categories.
  • Conclusion of possible points in the product card for unregistered visitors and customers without status.
  • Added the ability to award points for registering in the pro version.
  • Added the ability for pro versions to exclude products and categories when applying bonuses.
  • Possibility to activate the Pro version with new functions.

1.6.8 – 2021-07-24

  • If points are used, then cashback is calculated from the discounted price.
  • Added the ability to hide the write-off of goods if all the goods are in the cart with a sale. It is regulated in the plugin settings.
  • Fixed a bug with displaying possible bonuses in variable products.
  • Fixed a bug with duplicate write-off of points if the cart page and checkout page are on one page.
  • Fixed a bug where bonus points were deducted only when the order was approved. Points are now deducted upon order confirmation.
  • Improving the look of plugin settings.

1.5.4 – 2021-05-09

  • withdrawal of the balance to go to the next status in the account.
  • Fixed redirection on the checkout page when entering bonuses.
  • Added the ability to display what cashback you will receive under the price of the product.

1.5.1 – 2021-05-05

  • Added the ability to insert a shortcode with the display of the number of points.
  • Creat localization.
  • Added the ability to use shortcodes

1.0 – 2020-17-11

  • Creation of the first version.