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Chartify – Best Chart Builder Plugin

by Chart Builder Team.

Chartify is a powerful WordPress Chart Builder Plugin that will help you to create charts easily and quickly.

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Tested with WordPress 6.1.1

WordPress Chart Plugin

WordPress Chart Plugin is designed to build both static and dynamic charts, graphs and diagrams for your WordPress website. Create colorful charts in three different ways: by entering data manually, by connecting to your Google Spreadsheet, and by querying your preferred database.

Create an unlimited number of charts using the various chart types included in the chart plugin.

Available Chart Types Demos

Why choose us among other WordPress Chart Builder Plugins?
With Chartify, you will have dynamic charts that automatically being updated. When you add your data to your Google sheet, the charts inserted on your website will automatically be adjusted.
Moreover, the plugin allows you to view your chart on your dashboard via live preview functionality. See it before publishing and make all the necessary changes.
Most importantly, the plugin has a professional support team, that is always will be by your side while using the plugin.
Feel free to write topics on the FREE SUPPORT FORUM in case of having any questions about the plugin. All your desires can be achieved with the WordPress chart plugin.

Easy-to-use | Intuitive Design | Mobile-Friendly

A beginner-friendly and intuitive interface makes the process of creating charts easy than ever. If you have no data visualization background, no problem at all – you can build attractive charts and graphs like an expert with Chartify.

Visual charts can help you to create engaging content for your audience. No matter what profession you have, responsive charts are essential tools for you.

Chart plugin is designed for:

  • Business owners to show their business trends over time
  • Business analysts
  • Data analysts
  • Stock marketers
  • Sports statistics website owners
  • Teachers, Tutors to display their student’s stats.
  • Newspapers to show infographics in their articles.
  • Bloggers, Vloggers to show their growth stats.
  • Scientific researchers.
  • Those, who looking for gaining business investors
  • Those, who want to present info to board members
  • Those, who want to visually show insights from your quizzes, polls, surveys, etc

How to Use

  1. Create a chart by clicking on the Add New button.
  2. Choose your preferred chart type.
  3. Add your data manually.
  4. Copy the generated shortcode and paste it into your desired post/page.

Chart shortcode
[ays_chart id=”chart_id”]


  • Manual Data
  • Google Spreadsheet
  • Query from Database

Build Charts by manually entering data
Have plain data and want to extract insights? Or do you want to show charts and convince or clarify a point? It is no matter a problem with the Chartify visualizer plugin. Create WordPress charts by manually adding data to any chart type you want.

Build Charts from Google Spreadsheet
Easily connect Chartify to your Google Sheets without having any coding skills. Keep charts up to date with your data from your spreadsheet. Most importantly, you do need to configure the chart settings to update the chart; it will be updated automatically when you add or change any data from your spreadsheet. Have dynamic visual charts and save your data with us. Amazing, isn’t it?

Build Charts by querying the database
Quickly create charts based on your query data. Here you need to have some development skills. This ideally works for visualizing frequency distribution and displaying a comparison over time; x per day, per month, etc. Make colorful charts from your data and create data-driven decisions for your business with our Chart Maker.


  • Bar Chart
  • Pie Chart
  • Column Chart
  • Manual Data Entry
  • Live preview
  • Responsive design
  • Permissions of charts


  • Line Chart
  • Donut Chart
  • Geo Chart
  • Org Chart
  • Google Integration
  • Database Entry


The plugin uses Google Charts ( The charts included in the plugin generate in Google scripts.
It does not send any data nor do we collect information from the request.
The privacy policy can be found at this URL

In case of any further questions feel free to contact us via the following FREE SUPPORT FORUM.

Let’s learn how to install the WordPress Chart Builder plugin together. There are two ways to do that.

The first way:
1. Log in to your WordPress website dashboard.
2. Move to the Plugins section on the left navigation menu.
3. Click on the Add New button.
3. Enter Chartify in the search box.
4. Click on Install Now button.
5. Click on the Activate Now button.

The second way:
1. Download the zip file from the Chartify page via the Download button.
2. Go to the Plugins section on your WordPress website dashboard.
3. Click on the Add New button.
4. Click on the Upload plugin button and upload the file you downloaded beforehand via Choose file button.
5. Click on the Install Now button.
6. Do not forget to activate it.

That’s all. Enjoy the plugin and if you need help, feel free to write to our support specialist via the following free support form.


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