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Chat Plus – Unofficial Addon to disable chat on page and more

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Tested with WordPress 5.7.2

by Concentric Digital.

Unofficial Addon for Facebook Customer Chat.
Added useful functions including disable chat in some pages, css class for CTA button to show chat, auto …

Unofficial Addon for Facebook Customer Chat.
Added useful functions including:
– disable Facebook chat widget completely in specific page (through metabox setting in page/post editor)
– css class for CTA button to show/open Facebook chat conversation
– auto show/open Facebook chat after delay (With option to only show once in one session)
– shake Facebook chat conversation window to get more attraction and increase conversion.
– hide the Facebook chat widget until action complete/reach certain element in page (coming soon…)
– custom automatic chatting, greeting, reply bot (coming soon…)
– conversation SMS forwarding (coming soon premium service…)

Interested in the coming soon features or have feature request?
Submit a ticket in Support Page, and we will prioritize development of high demand features or include features requested.

if you find the addon helpful, please leave a review.
And if you want to support the development of this free plugin, donate to us through PayPal..
If you wish to financially charter us for the development of plugins, please send your request to

How to add a Call to action (CTA) button that open conversation directly?

  1. Simply add css class “fbcp-open-chat” to the button, conversation will open when clicked.
  2. You can also use shortcode [fbcp-cta-button] to add a “Chat with us” button with messenger logo

Can I request a new feature?

(Last Update 10/04/2021) This Plugin is currently under active development to bring the community more functions and settings which is lacked in the official plugin. Request through the ticketing system on the WordPress Plugin support page and we will try to accomodate.

If you wish to charter or sponsor us for the development, please send your request to

I enjoy using the plugin, how may I say thanks?

We are glad you enjoy the plugin! You can thank us by simply leaving us a 5 star review.

Or if you want to support us financially, donate to us through PayPal.


  • First Release
  • Disable facebook chat on specific pages
  • Simple CTA button
  • Auto show chat conversation after delay
  • Shake conversation window when conversation is shown