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by Automattic.

Matrix client for WordPress.

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Tested with WordPress 6.1.1

Easily add a Matrix client to WordPress pages, either through the Block Editor, or as a popup.

Feedback welcome

If you have any feedback or questions about Chatrix, please do talk to plugin maintainers at

How can I install this plugin on my site?

This plugin can be used in two distinct ways:

  1. By adding a block to a page through the block editor
  2. By selecting pages in which a popup will be displayed. You configure this through Settings -> Chatrix.

Is there a more flexible way to configure the popup?

Yes. Instead of configuring the popup through Settings -> Chatrix, you can configure it through code, by using the chatrix_instances filter:

// functions.php

add_filter( 'chatrix_instances', function ( array $default_instances ) {
    // The key is an instance_id, the value array is the config for that instance.
    // Set 'pages' to an array of the ids of the pages which should show chatrix.
    // You can also set 'pages' to 'all' which results in that instance always being used.
    // Only one instance can be shown on a given page.
    return array(
        'foo' => array(
            'homeserver' => '',
            'room_id'    => '!',
            'pages'      => 'all',
        'bar' => array(
            'homeserver' => '',
            'room_id'    => '!',
            'pages'      => array(1, 2, 3),
} );


  • Fix issue that cause popup configuration to be ignored [#173]


  • Logout and delete data when user logs out of WordPress [#150, #153]
  • Improvements to single room mode [#151]
    • Add a Settings entry to the options menu of the room
    • Closing the Settings screen navigates to configured roomId
    • Closing the Room (timeline) screen navigates to session picker
    • Hide the left panel completely
  • Fix issue that caused Chatrix to not load in certain conditions [#160]
  • Allow setting a unit for certain styling options (previously was always px) [#154]


  • Prevent data corruption when more than one Chatrix instance (block or Popup) is active, either in multiple browser tabs or windows, or in the same page [#75]
  • Allow setting the height of the block from the block editor [#135]
  • Allow styling the block’s border from the block editor [#139]
  • Styling and layout improvements and fixes in pre-session screens (session selection, login, logout) [#134]
  • Reduce plugin size by 50%, from 12MB to 6MB [#143]
  • Update to Hydrogen 0.3.5
    • Fix issue that prevented opening rooms with slashes in the room ID [#451]
    • Improve date headers in room timeline [#938]
    • Provide basic UI to join room [#870]
    • Fix an error that can stop sync [#885]
    • Fetch missing e2ee devices when verifying message sender [#913]
    • Fix message verification not working in rooms where we haven’t sent a message yet [#920]
    • Various maintenance fixes


  • Initial public release