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Clickbank WordPress Plugin (Storefront)

3.2 Avg. Rating
800 Installs
Tested with WordPress 5.8.1


Host a world class clickbank storefront (mall) on your website with just few clicks. Install & Forget!
We take care of the rest!

Clickbank WordPress Plugin (Storefront)

Clickbank® is the World’s Largest Digital Info Product Store. As a Clickbank affiliate, one can make tons of CASH by promoting these products.

Using this plugin, you can host more than 10,000 clickbank products on your website as a wordpress plugin with just few clicks. Unique Features

  1. We are only plugin provider that offers IMPROVED title & descriptions of every clickbank products.
    We frame the title & description of each products according to end users point of view. Many of our
    competitor plugins show the raw title & description from Clickbank’s marketplace which is
    non-informative to end users. Those are framed by Clickbank vendors just for attracting clickbank affiliates
    to promote their products. Please see below an example that shows the difference between them.

    Raw Clickbank title & description:

    [Fat Loss4 Idiots.  Our Top Affiliate Has Banked More than $1,00,000 In Just few Months! Earn 66% and get paid $23.15 per sale!]

    CBproAds Improved title & description:

    [Fat Loss4 Idiots. Learn the 10 idiot proof rules of dieting & fat loss And lose 9lbs every 11 Days!  ]
  2. In other plugins, you are required to update your storefront with clickbank’s data feed everyday. If you fail to update it often,
    your storefront may not synchronized with Clickbank®’s maketplace data which is crucial not to lose your commissions.

    At CBproAds, instead of importing Clickbank XML feed directly on to your storefront, you share our central XML data feed.
    Our central XML data feed is updated every day and contains only IMPROVED title & descriptions of each products.
    As soon as we update it with Clickbank’s data feed everyday, it will get reflected on your plugins also automatically.
    In short, there is no further maintenance/actions needed from your side with our plugin.
    You just install and forget. We do take care of every thing.

  3.® often changes it’s marketplace data XML feed structure. With our plugin, Clickbank’s changes will never
    affect your storefront as you share our IMPROVED central XML feed rather than using clickbank’s XML feed directly.
    We make sure that when ever a change is made by Clickbank, our central XML feed is too updated according to that structure and so yours too.

  4. We are the only site that provides product image cover of each products in your storefront.

  5. We are the only site that provides price information of each products in your storefront.

  6. NO brainstorming settings. It is easy to install and hardly take few seconds to set up.

  7. Easily integrates with any WordPress theme.

  1. Upload clickbank-storefronts-1.0.21 to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory
  2. Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins‘ menu in WordPress
  3. Place the following shortcode on to your store main page.


Please visit the link Clickbank WordPress Plugin
for more information on how to install. It is easy and takes clickbank 2 minutes.

How can i find more information about this plugin?

Please visit the link Clickbank WordPress Plugin for Storefront

Do i need to register with your site to use this plugin?

Yes, you need to be a free/paid member at Click here to Sign up @