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by Cliptakes Ltd.

Intuitive All-in-one Video Interview and Editing Plugin. Saving Recruiters Time and Capturing Talent, Masterfully.

5 Avg. Rating
60 Installs
Tested with WordPress 6.1.1

Cliptakes is a one-way video interview and auto-editing plugin for WordPress. In summary:

  1. Install the Cliptakes plugin

  2. Set interview questions

  3. Receive branded video interviews


  • Uniquely designed PC and mobile video recording platform

  • Set custom interview questions and create multiple interview templates

  • Ability to set unique time limits per question

  • Auto edited videos created and emailed to you within minutes

  • Customise received videos to include your own logo and introduction / call-to-action text

  • Recording dashboard to easily manage, embed or download received videos

  • Unlimited cloud storage: videos are stored securely in assigned cloud storage and playable online via a unique link.

  • Integrate Cliptakes with job boards like WP Job Manager to accept interviews from applicants

Our Cliptakes video plugin allows you to manage the entire video interview process via your own website, integrating seamlessly with your brand.

Completed videos include a branded introduction, question slides (using the questions you have set), and an outro with a custom call-to-action or message.

Find out more and record a demo interview on our website here.

To install and get started using the Cliptakes plugin:

Step 1

Install and activate the Cliptakes Plugin. You can search for Cliptakes in the WordPress Directory or download it from your account on our website.

Step 2

Navigate to the newly added Cliptakes settings icon in your WordPress dashboard and click on the “API Settings” tab. Insert your Subscription Number and Licence Key. Check the Subscription Status using the provided button and click “Save Changes”.

Step 3

Navigate to the “Interview Templates” tab and set your interview questions. Once complete, copy the generated shortcode.

Step 4

Paste the Cliptakes shortcode into a WordPress page of your choice, for example: Publish the page and click “preview changes” to test your new interview platform.
Detailed plugin documentation can be found here.

How does Cliptakes support recruitment?

Cliptakes allows your hiring managers to accept video interviews from candidates without any input. Hiring managers can easily watch a video introduction for a candidate and make a snappy assessment, saving them time.

Recorded video interviews allow your team to identify the strongest and best-suited applicants for their active vacancies, without wasting unnecessary time conducting in person interviews.

In addition, video interviews offer a unique way to set candidates apart from the competition. If a client is impressed with a candidate from watching their video, chances are they will get selected to interview first.

How can I watch completed video interviews?

Once a candidate completes their interview, you will be emailed a link to watch their video. You are also able to easily embed the video into a WordPress page should you wish to showcase the video on your own website.

Videos can be emailed directly to the requesting consultant if required.

Do I need to edit videos?

No. You do not need to edit any of your received videos. Video answers are combined with your set questions to create a ready to watch video interview.

Is Cliptakes used for recruitment purposes only?

No. Cliptakes is increasingly being used for a wide range of purposes. If you think it may be the solution you are looking for, sign-up for a FREE account here.