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Digital License Manager

by Darko Gjorgjijoski.

Sell and manage your digital licenses through your WordPress or WooCommerce website

4.4 Avg. Rating
100 Installs
Tested with WordPress 6.2

Digital License Manager is licensing plugin for WordPress that can be used sell your license keys form your site. Supported and maintained by friendly team behind. 😎

The plugin is compatible with WooCommerce, although it can be used as standalone License Manager without WooCommerce.

✨ Free Features

  • Manage your Licenses (status, license key, activations, etc)
  • Manage License Activations. Keeps separate records of Activations identified by unique token instead of single activations count variable.
  • Manage License Generators. Makes it possible to generate Licenses by specific rules (separator, chunks, length, allowed characters, prefix, suffix etc)
  • Assign Generators to one or more WooCommerce products to generate Licenses based on the rules of the Generator when the product is purchased on certain Order status
  • Automatically generate, sell and deliver keys through WooCommerce. Supports both Simple and Variable products.
  • Manual License Activations in MyAccount order page when using with WooCommerce
  • Separate page for Licenses in MyAccount when using with WooCommerce
  • Separate page for each License in My Account when using with WooCommerce
  • License Certificates in PDF format downloadable from the single License page in My Account page when using with WooCommerce
  • The purchased Licenses are included in the WooCommerce Emails (completed order, etc)
  • License delivery Order statuses can be selected from the plugin Settings
  • Create, update, activate, deactivate and validate licenses through the REST API
  • Create and update generators through the REST API
  • Import licenses form file
  • Export licenses to PDF or CSV format. Allows column selection
  • Migration tool for migrating from other plugins
  • WooCommerce High-Performance Order Storage Support

The plugin works fine even without WooCommerce. If you want to use the plugin as standalone license manager or if you have another solution for selling the keys, you can use the REST API to create licenses.

✨ PRO Version Features

The PRO version focuses on making it possible to generate consistent cash flow through the integration with WooCommerce Subscriptions and provide updates through the Digital License Manager REST API to the users that purchased and activated their license. List of the additional features as follows:

  • WooCommerce Subscriptions support. It extends existing license or generates new one upon subscription renewal based on your product settings.
  • Subscriptions for WooCommerce support. This is free alternative to WooCommerce Subscriptions. Similarly as WooCommerce Subscriptions, it extends existing license or generates new one upon subscription renewal based on your product settings.
  • Software management. If you sell software, you will be able to add your software, setup a gallery, support information, FAQs that appear on the product page.
  • Software release management. Downloadable software can be distributed as a releases. For each version you create a release in the Software editor.
  • Software details REST Endpoint to get information about specific software. This is useful if you want to perform update check from your premium software.
  • Software download REST Endpoint to download the latest release for specific software. This is useful if you want to provide updates for your software.
  • Separate Battle-tested and well-documented WordPress package to create License Activation form and provide updates through your Digital License Manager Software API. Start your WordPress theme/plugin shop today!
  • Ready to use theme/plugin updater library with integration guide. Useful if you want to integrate license activations to your plugins/themes.
  • Additional Options to enable or disable features like the “Licenses” access in My Account.
  • Software download statistics (Coming soon)
  • PDF certificates of the licenses (Coming soon)

Get PRO Version

📃 REST API Documentation

The REST API is one of the crucial features that this plugin provides.

It allows developers to create/update/activate/deactivate/validate licenses through the API.

The REST API documentation can be found on the link below:

See Documentation

📃 All Documentation

The complete documentation can be found on the link below:

See Documentation

📃 Client Libraries

The following client libraries and integrations are available:

➕ Issues / Feature Requests

The development can be tracked on our Github Repository.

Any contributions are welcome! Feel free to submit pull requests or report issues.

✔ Important Note

The plugin will create wp-content/uploads/dlm-files directory which stores the cryptographic secrets that are required to decrypt the licenses. If you lose this file, you will lose your license keys as well. Make sure you backup those files!

Manual installation

  1. Upload the plugin files to the /wp-content/plugins/digital-license-manager directory, or install the plugin through the WordPress Plugins page directly.
  2. Activate the plugin through the Plugins page in WordPress.
  3. Use the License ManagerSettings page to configure the plugin.

Installation through WordPress

  1. Open up your WordPress Dashboard and navigate to the Plugins page.
  2. Click on Add new
  3. In the search bar type “Digital License Manager”
  4. Select this plugin and click on Install now


The plugin will create wp-content/uploads/dlm-files directory which stores the cryptographic secrets that are required to decrypt the licenses. If you lose this file, you will lose your license keys as well. Make sure you backup those files!

Does it work without WooCommerce?

Yes it does.

How License Activations work?

The License activations are stored as a separate database entries and not using a counter. This allows easier management of License Activation per device/installation/etc.

How to create a license through the REST API?

To create a license through the REST API, please follow this guide.

How to activate a license through the REST API?

To activate a license through the REST API, please follow this guide.

How to deactivate a license through the REST API?

To deactivate a license through the REST API, please follow this guide.

How to validate a license through the REST API?

To validate a license through the REST API, please follow this guide.

I am using “License Manager for WooCommerce”, how to migrate to Digital License Manager?

To migrate to Digital License Manager, please navigate to “License Manager” > “Settings” > “Tools” and here you can find the migration tool. This will copy your data to Digital License Manager supported format. If you used the REST API, we will be providing a fallback REST API for license activation/deactivation/validation endpoints that will be the same url structure as the “License Manager for WooCommerce” but utilize our backend APIs for backwards compatibility. Stay tuned!

Can i assign license keys to past WooCommerce orders that were placed before i installed Digital Licnese Manager?

Yes, you can do this by going to Settings > Tools > “Generate Licneses For Past Orders”. You must select a Generator that will be used to generate keys for the orders.


Release Date – 03 May 2023

  • Do not enforce expired license validation when deactivting token through the REST API
  • Add option in Settings > WooCommerce to enable masking the license keys on the public facing pages like Order Received” page
  • Show My Account licenses status as Expired when license is expired
  • Fix issue when clearing Generator valeus in edit page
  • Move “Max Activations” at the bottom before expiresIn in Generator edit
  • Add support on the dropdown search endpoint for generators
  • Add “Past Orders License Generator” tool in Settings > Tools that allows users to generate licenses for past orders by selectting Generator.
  • Add UI improvements to the styling of the Tools page
  • Add unit tests for orders/products


Release Date – 22 Mar 2023

  • Fix for PHP wranings caused by the new activations table revamp reported here
  • Various improvements to the source code for flexibility
  • Minor improvements for the License Service


Release Date – 13 Feb 2023

  • Hotfix for Product Edit page issue in the License Manager tab, conditionals were not working


Release Date – 13 Feb 2023

  • Add support for WooCommerce High Performance Order Storage
  • Add support to filter /licenses and /generators GET REST API endpoints with query parameters
  • Add Manual License Activations to allow customers enter manual activations, feature enabled from Settings
  • Refactored My Account’s single license activations table actions, allow developers to add custom actions here
  • Add Delete button on the Activations that were added manually in My Account’s single license activations table
  • Removed jQuery relience, refactored all the javascript to get rid of jQuery completely
  • Replaced Select2 (jQuery) with Tom-Select, a native JS library for select dropdowns with ajax support
  • Replaced jQuery UI’s datepicker with flatpicker, a native JS library for date/time picker input
  • Refactored and simplified license reveal functionality in WooCommerce single order page in admin
  • Add a filter dlm_woocommerce_order_item_actions for managing the order item actions in the WooCommerce single order page in admin
  • Fixed issue introduced in v1.3.9 that thrown error when updating a license from admin
  • Tested compatibility with WordPress 6.2
  • Tested compatibility with WooCommerce 7.3
  • A lot of other small code quality improvements


Release Date – 08 Jan 2023

  • Add Generators Abstraction layer/hook and Abstract class. Read more
  • Add “Max Activations Behavior” option to “Product Edit” > “License Manager” to make the purchased quantity of the product to be used as max activations limit, by default the old behavior will be preserved and the limit will depend on the Generator/Stock
  • Add $orderItem parameter to the dlm_skip_licenses_generation_for_order_product filter
  • Add services layer, move business logic code form UtilsData to CoreServices, mark the old ones as deprecated and keep it backwards compatible
  • Fix PHP warnings on certain actions
  • Update i18n .pot template


Release Date – 16 Dec 2022

  • Fix possible fatal error when using kadence woocommerce email customizer
  • Test compatibility with WooCommerce 7.2


Release Date – 12 Dec 2022

  • Fix logic error that made the order note when no licenses in stock found incorrect
  • Add action hook dlm_stock_delivery_assigned_licenses($assignedLicenses, $neededAmount, $availableStock, $order, $product) that is triggered once licenses from stock assignment finished. Useful to notify third party something based on the delivered licenses or if no licenses were delivered due to empty stock
  • Add duplicate check to Licenses import based on plugin settings for allowing duplicates
  • Add duplicate check warnings into admin notices when importing licenses
  • Fix issue in Licenses import that allowed empty lines to be imported as empty licenses from clipboard or file
  • Refactor file import process, moved temporary import file path from plugin folder to uploads
  • Refactor order licenses resend email/action, the resend was not working on some environments
  • Make use of ‘paginate’ property for wc_get_products in dropdown search fields
  • Code quality and formatting improvements


Release Date – 24 Nov 2022

  • Add code and status to error when license key is not found via rest api.
  • Refactor Migrator class for better flexibility and reusability, fixes issues related to migrations.


Release Date – 14 Nov 2022

  • Add support for assinging product variations to Licenses when selling from stock
  • Rewrite stock syncrhonization functionality
  • Test with the latest WooCommerce version
  • Test with the latest WordPress version


Release Date – 04 Oct 2022

  • Fix conflict with WooCommerce subscriptions in the product editor
  • Add valid_for that tells how many days the license will be valid after purchased from stock
  • Improve license create/edit screen field labels wording
  • Fix invalid markup on the generator create/edit pages in admin
  • Fix generator title badges in the generators list table in admin
  • Fix license import functionality, do not set expiry date immediately and make use of the valid_for property
  • Fix potential issue with stock decreasing and set validFor=null in save license procedure in admin
  • Fix issue warning thrown when deleting licenses in the admin side, props @pondermatic
  • Replaced WordPress meta function calls with WooCommerce product/order meta functions calls to comply with upcoming WooCommerce custom tables database implementation


Release Date – 20 Aug 2022

  • Added option to specify license expiration date/time format in Settings. Props @pondermatic
  • Fixed issues related to license expiration date/time output consistency. Props @pondermatic
  • Fixed issues with PHP warnings. Props @pondermatic
  • Fixed issues in “License Manager for WooCommerce” data migration tool, related to unhandled PHP exceptions.
  • Fixed several typos in “License Manager for WooCommerce” data migration tool.


Release Date – 26 Jul 2022

  • Fix typo in the migration file


Release Date – 26 Jun 2022

  • Fix PHP warning on Admin > Activations page


Release Date – 25 May 2022

  • Added Support for WordPress 6.0 and WooCommerce 6.5
  • Added License Certifications feature in PDF format (integrates in WooCommerce and Licenses table admin screens)
  • Added RestAPI optional ‘token’ parameter to the /activate endpoint to reactivate existing license token and not create new one if needed
  • Added Single License page in My Account
  • Added License Activation log in My Account single License page
  • Added Migration tool for migrating from “License Manager for Woocommerce”
  • Added permalinks flush mechanism to flush permalinks after plugin activation. Fixes issues with 404 pages in WooCommerce “My Account”
  • Added “Help” page in “Settings”
  • Removed redundant valid_for column in the licenses table in favor of expires_at
  • Fixed issue with the pagination and filters on the License Activations page
  • Fixed a problem that caused admins not able to clear activation limit on a license (set unlimited activations)
  • Refreshed admin edit/create screens style
  • Refreshed admin settings screens style
  • Simplified the Licenses list table in admin screen
  • Simplified the WooCommerce templates directory tree
  • Improved the css/js resource queuing
  • Improved PHP 8.1 compatibility
  • Refactor the Abstracts/Interfaces naming to support PSR standard
  • Upgraded jQuery UI css version to v1.13.1


Release Date – 23 Mar 2022

  • Fix various notices found
  • Fix license/validate endpoint. It was returning error response when activation token is deactivated. It should return the activation object with the populated deactivated_at prperty.
  • Re-write the license generation in WooCommerce
  • Improve code, add various hooks for better extendibility.


Release Date – 03 Mar 2022

  • Fix Multisite database/fileystem initial setup. Run the database/filesystem setup on each blog once the plugin is activated network wide.


Release Date – 15 Dec 2021

  • Complete rewrite of product edit data DLM fields
  • Added error display when validation fails upon product save
  • Added welcome notice
  • Fix admin dropdowns product search
  • Fix admin dropdowns order search
  • Fix license update process that removed expiration date
  • Fix purchased licenses display in the order page
  • Fix Generator REST API problems related to the delete endpoint
  • Fix API key last access date/time display
  • Fix a problem that skipped the creation of the product_downloads table
  • Fix activations limit calculations
  • Imrpoved REST API validation and handling
  • Improved the license expiration display in license table
  • Updated the product fields. Instead of use stock and use generator this is now a single dropdown.
  • Code style improvements


Release Date – 10 Oct 2021

  • Add PRO version references
  • Minor bug fixes


Release Date – 24 Sep 2021

  • Add delete rest endpoint for Licenses and Generators
  • Fix license activation validate endpoint
  • Fix dlm_rest_api_pre_response filter
  • Fix Generators update endpoint
  • Improve “Re-send licenses” button in order screen
  • Improve Customer delivery email
  • Code style improvements


Release Date – 19 Jul 2021

  • Everything is new