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Disable Full Site Editing

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Tested with WordPress 5.8.1

by janw.oostendorp.

Allow to disable full site editing in the admin, useful to protect a production site.

Allow to disable full site editing in the admin, useful to protect a production site.
A block theme will continue to work as intended on the frontend while making sure the theme can’t be messed up.

⚠️ Full site editing is in beta, therefore there might be compatability bugs.
For the coming months I’ll keep testing the plugin with new (beta) releases of gutenberg and WordPres.

  • If you find a bug,
  • If you have questions,
  • Feature requests,
  • Anything else,
    Please contact me here or on the github repository.

Tested combinations

As Full site editing is in beta I’m keeping up with Gutenberg and WordPress beta versions.
Last updated, June 11th

  • WP 5.7.2 & Gutenberg 10.7.0
  • WP 5.7.2 & Gutenberg 10.8.0
  • All WP & Gutenberg versions in between the above and below.
  • WP 5.8.1 & Gutenberg 11.4.1
  • WP 5.8.1

Just install the plugin and activate.
There is a admin settings page or set the DISABLE_FSE constant.

In what order does the plugin check if full site editing is allowed?

  1. The constant DISABLE_FSE set to true/false.
    You can add the constant in your wp-config.php file.
  2. The setting in the wp-admin (a sub page of the tools menu)
  3. The current WP_ENVIRONMENT_TYPE. Docs, A bit more details

How does the `DISABLE_FSE` constant work?

In your wp-config.php paste the following to always disable FSE:

define( 'DISABLE_FSE', true );

or to always enable FSE

define( 'DISABLE_FSE', false );


  • Launch


  • Added more functions checks.


  • More precise disabling of FSE, it was to broad.
  • Disable adding/editing templates in the editor itself.


  • Fixed a JS bug