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Drip Payments

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Tested with WordPress 5.8.3

by Drip.

Pay in 3 installments without interest with 2% of cashback, no credit card needed. Payments via PIX in 30, 60 and 90 days.

The Drip plugin allows your customers to pay online in 3 installments with PIX, without the need of an account creation or a credit card, without interest and with 2% of cashback.

Try Drip for free!

To begin offering Drip plugin at your store, fill this form. Our partnership team will be in touch within a few hours.
You can also contact us at or talk directly with our sales team via phone/Whatsapp using the number (11) 93267-8544.

Advantages to your business:

  • Boost your sales: Increase your sales in approximately 25% offering Drip as payment method, according to Brazilian and foreign market estimates.

  • Increase conversion: Alternative to customers who don’t have a credit card, but desire to pay in installments without interest.

  • Increase average ticket: Your customers with greater purchase power in your store.

  • Greater cash flow: Receive payments in D+0 to invest in what really matters.

Advantages to customers:

  • Payment in seconds: Your customers don’t need to fill forms or open a new account, in less than 30 seconds they can make a purchase.

  • Higher cashback: 2% cashback in all Drip orders, at the payment of all installments.

  • 3x installment without interest: Your customers’ favorite products at no extra cost.

  • More limit with each purchase: We don’t have fixed limits. The more the customer uses, the more we can approve purchases using Drip.

  • Fair policy in case of delays: We know that unforeseen events can happen. In case of delays, Drip will only charge a small fixed penalty of a maximum of 10% of the total purchase, we do not charge interest.

How Drip works at checkout:

When selecting Drip as the payment method at checkout, the payment is completed within a few seconds. The customer just needs to:

  1. Fill out the phone number.
  2. Enter the code received via SMS.
  3. Do a PIX Payment of R$1 using a bank account in the same ownership used at checkout to confirm the order.

Ready! Your purchase will be approved by Drip, PIX payment confirmation of R$1 will be automatically refunded and your store will receive the amount at the same day.

The installments will be paid in 30, 60 and 90 days, always at the same day of the purchase. An e-mail with the QrCode or PIX link will be sent each month.

Minimum requirements

  • WooCommerce version 5.0
  • Have a merchant account with Drip. If you need to create one, fill this form that our partnership team will be in touch within a few hours.

Install Drip plugin:

  • At WordPress platform, click on Plugins at left menu and then Add new.
  • Search Drip Payments, click on Install and then Activate.
  • Lastly, copy your API key from merchant dashboard and paste it on “Chave da API de Produção”.

Now you can offer Drip payment at your store!