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E-Commerce payment gateway – kevin.

by kevin..

kevin. is a payment infrastructure that bypasses card networks, letting consumers make fast, simple and secure payments directly from their bank accou …

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Tested with WordPress 6.0.2

kevin. is a payment infrastructure that bypasses card networks, letting consumers make fast, simple and secure payments directly from their bank accounts. Being live in 27 European markets kevin. is an accessible payment method to more than 350 million consumers. Numerous businesses benefit from kevin. infrastructure, resulting in higher customer conversions, lower fraud rates and reduced transaction fees.

Why choose kevin. payment gateway plugin for your Woocommerce store?

Fair pricing.

Accepting cards can be costly. Keep more of your profit with a single fee per transaction.

Instant settlement.

There’s no need to wait days, if not weeks, for funds to settle. Streamline your finances and take control of your cash flow with instant settlement.

Seamless UX.

Instead of being redirected to external pages, customers can checkout within your store’s environment. Let shoppers checkout with fewer clicks and a friction-free user experience that can help reduce cart abandonment, increase conversion rate, and improve retention rate.

Broad coverage.

Tap into new markets and new revenue streams with a single integration that gives you access to 350+ million shoppers across Europe.

Built-in compliance.

From the moment you integrate, payments are compliant with GDPR, PSD2, SCA (Strong Customer Authentication), and other regulations affecting the payment industry.

Security first.

All payments are made on the customer’s bank’s side, which means that all money is secured in the bank network.

Before installation:

Contact kevin. sales team to receive the latest information about pricing and the necessary credentials.
You need to have kevin. account before you can proceed with the plugin.
Contact kevin. >

Support issues

If you have any questions or concerns please don’t hesitate to contact our customer support, which is on standby 24/7 to assist in the unlikely event of set-up issues.
Contact kevin. customer support >

About kevin.

More information about kevin. can always be found on our website >
You can also stay up to date by following us on Linkedin >, Facebook > and Twitter. >


Before making any code changes, make sure to run composer install to install development requirements.

We are using PHP CS Fixer GitHub action to conduct code style checks for each commit and pull request. Make sure to run composer fix-style before
committing changes to make sure your code matches our style standards. Pull requests with failed style checks will not
be approved.

WARNING: we use risky rules so make sure to check for breaking style fixes.

Style errors and violated rules log can be viewed by running composer check-style command.



  • Log in to the WordPress admin panel
  • Navigate to Plugins → Add New
  • Find the “E-Commerce Payment Gateway – kevin.” plugin and click Install button and then Activate Plugin button.
  • Under E-Commerce Payment Gateway – kevin. click Settings
    • Enter user data
      • Credentials: Client ID, Client Secret and Endpoint Secret.
      • Bank details: Creditor Name and Creditor Account
    • Select the order statuses
    • Select checkout view for the end-user
  • Save configuration by clicking the Save changes button.

For different installation methods (FTP or via zip file) or trouble shootings please refer to this Installation guide >