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FUEL Bitcentral

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Tested with WordPress 5.8.3

by Bitcentral.

FUEL plugin imports fuel videos via MRSS feed and displays them on the front-end through short codes for its users.

The FUEL Plugin for WordPress was designed to make ingesting FUEL assets into WP relatively simple and reliable. It can be configured to automatically publish “posts” on your site in a ‘set it and forget’ model. FUEL videos assets that have titles [headlines] that translate to the web and whose selected thumbnails are relevant to the story can be published automatically to a web page using one of several ‘short codes’.

3rd Party or external service

The plugin uses our third party script to run the FUEL player;

This is our website for the FUEL asset.

Our Privacy Policy

Install the Fuel-Bitcentral plugin to your WordPress website. Activate the plugin.


Release Date – 1 June 2020

  • Add Option to manage styles for sharing script.


Release Date – 19 June 2020

  • Add option to manage tiles ordering according to the MRSS attribute. Please see the screenshots 8 to 11.


Release Date – 27 Sep 2021

  • Fixed Some Warning Issues After Updates Of Dependant plugins.


Release Date – 14 Oct 2021

  • Fixed Issue to Check ACF/ACF Pro Plugin Activation.


Release Date – 14 Jan 2022

  • Updated the FUEL Player Source Script.
  • Merged Pre-Roll Ads Functionality into FUEL Plugin. No longer needed to use pre-roll addon separately.
  • Added the FUEL Title, Media URL and Embed code attributes into tag.
  • Changed settings of Player Audio Control in global settings and introduced the new shortcode attributes