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Gyta BuyBack

by Michael Berding.

Complete Product Trade-In and BuyBack System. Extends WooCommerce functionality.

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Tested with WordPress 6.2.2

What is Gyta BuyBack?

Gyta BuyBack is a plugin that extends WooCommerce’s functionality. WooCommerce is great at handling normal shops where the customer is buying something from the shop owner. For Trade-in and BuyBack companies, the process is reversed! The customer sells something to the shop owner.

How does it work?

Gyta BuyBack changes how WooCommerce works. It adds new payment methods that are reversed so you’re paying the customer instead of the customer paying you. It also automatically creates shipping labels so your customers can send their products to you.

Standard Features

  • Multiple WooCommerce-compatible buyback-based payment methods (Check, PayPal, Amazon Gift card)
  • EasyPost integration to automatically generate labels for customers
  • Full documentation and setup guide online

Premium Features

  • View shipping label & tracking information from administration order-view page
  • Upgraded support options
  • Zelle Payment Option
  • Venmo Payment Option
  • Interac eTransfer Payment Option

Standard wordpress install. Requires WooCommerce.

View settings in WooCommerce -> Settings -> Gyta BuyBack

View the complete version history here: