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Magic Login API

by David Strom and Manish Kumar.

Automate generate login tokens and a magic link to log in without a password. Compatible with any ESP.

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Tested with WordPress 6.0.1

Magic login API helps you to send a Magic Login URL using API. You can automate logins sent to users with some restriction features like life span, Expire In, invalidate on creation, and logout from other devices.


  • Login with email address only.
  • Only registered users can log in.
  • Password-less login from the magic link.


  • This plugin is a modified version of [Magic Login Mail]
  • The main changes are you can send mail using API to automate things with some restrictions, but you need to upgrade your plan.

Free version Markers

  1. You can generate only 150 passwords.
  2. You can’t change token generate settings it will be a default.
  3. Can able access logs.

Preminumn Features

  1. Create infinite tokens.
  2. Change token settings.
  3. Access the logs with their types, errors, success, and notice.

  1. Upload magic-login-api directory to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory
  2. Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ menu in WordPress



Initial release.