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Magnifi Video Widget

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Tested with WordPress 5.5.5

by Magnifi.

Securely embed and make video calls with the Magnifi Video Widget from your WordPress Website in minutes. Easily customize the video meeting room and …

Securely embed and make video calls with the Magnifi Video Widget from your WordPress Website in minutes. Easily customize the video meeting room and logo to your brand specifications. Useful preset configurations. Unlimited calling.

No Credit Card Required, Free Trial, Try it now, on us!

Magnifi is currently optimized for the following systems:

Windows 10/Chrome, Windows 10/Edge, MacOS/Chrome, and MacOS/Safari.


Embed the Magnifi Video Widget on your website in minutes

Instant Meeting:
Open a video window and invite attendees via SMS or email. This meeting takes places instantly.

Schedule a Future Meeting:
As a meeting host, book a video meeting for a future date and time and invite a group of attendees via email.

Request a Meeting:
Embed a public-facing calendar on a webpage with a date & time selector. Clients/customers can use that calendar to request a future video meeting with host.

Customer Support:
Embed a direct call via the Magnifi Video Widget onto a product or support page to enable instant communication from your customers to your staff (think ‘chat-bot’ but personalized with video!) Options include routing a missed call to a request a meeting form, leave a message or to a webpage specified by the host.


Book unlimited video meetings with persistent and trusted login

Easy to customize, embed, and style video meeting room to reflect your branding

Includes Screen-sharing, file sharing, integrated chat, meeting recordings and dial-in numbers

Secure and convenient


Establish On-Demand Meetings
* Open a video room and easily invite users to meetings using SMS or Email

Set up Meetings and External Communications
* Meetings can be scheduled in advance or created on-demand

Facilitate Inbound and Outbound Sales
* Instant calls to your sales team directly from product pages
* Enable your sales team to easily connect with customers

Enable Technical Support
* Establish quick and easy communication between customers and your technical support team

Host Video Webinars

Install the Plugin
1. Go to “Plugins” >> “Add New” on your Dashboard or download it as a Zip file by pressing “Download” at the top right of this page
2. Search for the Plugin by typing “Magnifi”
3. Click the “Install Now” button. WordPress will download and install the plugin for you.
4. Navigate to the “Installed Plugins” page on your Dashboard
5. Locate the Magnifi Plugin, and click the “Activate” button.

Embedding Widgets Using the Plugin

  1. Navigate to the (new) Magnifi tab on your WordPress dashboard. Click on the “Don’t have an account? Register” link to activate your Widget subscription. A subscription is required to use the Widget Plugin.

  2. Fill out the Registration form to create your account. You will land on the Welcome Screen. The Welcome Screen includes detailed instructions and support for how to embed and use the Magnifi Widget – including how to customize your Widgets.

  3. On the Magnifi tab on your WordPress dashboard, use your new login credentials to sign in. This will connect WordPress to your Widget account.

  4. The plugin will automatically download the 6 preset Widget configurations to the Widget tab on your dashboard. Each configuration includes a description and use-case information. You can also create your own configurations in the Widget via your account in the Widget Admin. Each Preset has a WordPress shortcode associated

  5. Copy the Shortcode for the widget you want to embed and paste it into the page (or post) when you’d like to embed it. Save and publish.

  6. More information and detailed instructions for how to embed and use the Widget can be accessed on the Widget Welcome Screen or downloaded via