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Mapster WP Maps

4 Avg. Rating
100 Installs
Tested with WordPress 5.8.3

by Mapster Technology Inc.

Wordpress Maps is the smoothest, easiest way to make maps for your site. No API keys required.

Mapster’s on a mission! With WordPress Maps, we’re trying to make the best map editor and creator available for WordPress. So many of the existing plugins out there are outdated, difficult to use, and, worst of all, hide most features behind a paywall.

With WordPress Maps, we currently integrate MapLibre (the open source Mapbox) and Mapbox.

Learn more about the plugin, get started, and check out the documentation at

You can use this plugin with or without access tokens and API keys, however you need.

A few features across different map types include:

  • Live map editor as you change and edit your map
  • Ability to add circles, markers, text, lines, polygons, and popups to your maps, and style them in many ways
  • Unlimited number of maps, unlimited features and markers
  • Control over map size, display, controls on the map, interactivity, and more
  • Integration of location searches, directions plugins, and more to come

We have a feature request forum open where you can feel free to submit feature requests and we will prioritize and respond to these.

This plugin effectively replaces our previous WP Mapbox GL JS plugin, which was a bit old and difficult to develop. This new plugin is much simpler to use and allows much more efficient development and bug fixing.

We have some FAQs and instructions up at, with more coming in the coming months! Please hit us up with any feature requests or bugs that you run into.


Your Friends at Mapster

  1. Upload mapster-wp-maps.php to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory
  2. Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ menu in WordPress
  3. Add an Access Token if you would like to use custom Mapbox styles or geocoders
  4. Click on “Maps” to start building your maps.
  5. Use the provided shortcodes to output these maps in your posts or widgets.

I’m not sure which type of map I should make!

No worries, we have posts to help you understand at

Do you have X feature?

Email us at, write a feature request, or leave a comment in the WordPress Support Forum.


  • Improvement to script loading
  • Placeholder option for list control
  • Ability to turn off map horizontal duplication


  • Conditional script loading
  • Editor improvements adding/deleting
  • Editor improvements clustering icons
  • Addition of gallery slideshow to popups
  • Ability to open popups in a sidebar instead
  • Ability to enter in location coordinates directly


  • More API bug fixes


  • Bug fixes editor
  • Bug fixes API
  • Marker fix for category filter


  • Marking some features as in development
  • Improving marker image sizes


  • Improving marker clicks during mobile
  • Major loading improvements for larger maps


  • Fixing multiple maps on one page
  • Cross-origin image fix
  • Properly calling titles for filters
  • Click hover popups in mobile


  • Increasing specificity of button styles
  • Adding geosearch to Lines and Polygons


  • Fix pointer background bug
  • Easy duplication of posts
  • Improved bounds loading
  • Marker click to URL


  • Import geoJSON
  • Ability to interact via custom scripts
  • Full width maps
  • Fixed Safari/Firefox icon bug


  • Import from Mapbox WP GL JS
  • Add/remove features by category


  • Complete rewrite with ACF and jQuery


  • Adding Mapbox Terrain
  • Adding custom tilesets
  • Set view with a button
  • Tutorial links


  • Switching Mapbox 1.13 to MapLibre


  • Adding delete functionality
  • Improving geocoding
  • Improving view control


  • Adding location geocoding


  • Push to do beta testing.