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Monta Checkout

This plugin is an add-on for WooCommerce by Monta.

WooCommerce plugin to integrate the Monta shipping options

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20 Installs
Tested with WordPress 6.1.3

WooCommerce plugin to integrate the Monta shipping options

Installation procedure

  • Upload files in wp-content/plugins folder
  • Make sure plugin folder is called ‘montapacking-checkout-woocommerce-extension’
  • Make sure that ‘WordPress Address (URL)’ & ‘Site Address (URL)’ fields in the Settings>General tab are identical
  • Enable plugin in WordPress settings
  • Configure plugin Settings


Monta API Settings:

  • Specify your username and password for the Monta’s API here

Google API:

  • Specify a valid Google Maps API key here. A key can be created here:
    This key is needed for the map with pickup points.

  • Webshop/Origin:

Name of your webshop as known by Monta. This determines which shippers are allowed, cutofftime etc.

  • Enable shippers:

Configure prices in Montaportal:
Blue menu bar > Settings > Checkout options > Edit for a webshop.


  • Fix bundles causing api request to fail


  • Fix issue in fallback when either coupon or price condition is on


  • Added option to fallback to WooCommerce shipping options on API error


  • Fixed pickuppoint shipper sometimes appearing in shipping tab


  • PostNL now shows if delivery is sustainable
  • Added possibility to make sending at later dates cheaper


  • Added support for PostNL sustainable delivery indications
  • Added fallback in case API request to Monta is faulty


  • Fixed issue with different shipping addresses and pickuppoints
  • Added support for preferred shipper and shipper display names
  • Added seperate tab for in store/ warehouse pickup


  • Fixed wrong data in order summary delivery field
  • Added field in storelocator to search for pickuppoints based on different postcode/zipcode
  • Better fallback for missing google key. You can now show pickuppoints without a Google maps key. The missing Google maps key will only disable the map view.


  • Automatically switch to pickup if only pickup options


  • Fixed cart array issue


  • Fixed Mollie plugin Klarna nog working
  • Added Izipack, Seabourne and Cycloon


  • Added postnumber validation for DHL packstations in Germany
  • Layout change in pickup points


  • German language fix


  • Added PostNL Pakjes Tracked