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ProfileGrid – User Profiles, Memberships, Groups and Communities

by profilegrid.

Beautiful profile building plugin for the rest of us…❤️. Create communities, sign-up pages, paid memberships, restrict content and a lot more!

4.6 Avg. Rating
7K Installs
Tested with WordPress 6.0.1

Create frontend user profiles, groups, communities, paid memberships, directories, WooCommerce user profiles and bbPress profiles, restrict content, register members through sign-up pages, allow users to submit and share blogs, enable notifications, social activity and private messaging with a beautiful threaded interface and a lot more!

The #1 custom user profile plugin that brings together user data from all your plugins, which use custom posts or shortcodes.
The #1 Free WooCommerce User Profile Plugin
The #1 Free bbPress User Profile plugin

For any issues, bugs, feature requests and general help, contact our awesome support team!

ProfileGrid is a power-packed user profile, member and directory plugin. While ProfileGrid is fundamentally a user profile builder, it also offers User Groups. Groups are equivalent to Profile types where you can have different profile structures for different group of users. Advantages of Group based system is apparent from the very beginning:

  • You can have multiple User Profile types.
  • Each Group can have its own set of fields.
  • Each Group can have its own Group Manager or Moderator.
  • Group Manager can have special privacy level for group members.
  • Each group can have its own registration workflow.
  • You can offer visitors option to sign up or request membership for Group of their choice.
  • Groups can have membership limits.
  • Groups can be mapped to a specific WordPress Roles.
  • Filter user profiles based on groups on directories page.
  • Groups can be Open (public) or Closed (private)
  • Closed Groups require membership approval from Group Manager or site Admin
  • Users can join multiple Groups

And so much more!

If you do not need multiple Groups, there’s nothing stopping you to use the default Group as single profile type, membership or as user directories system. It’s a unique WordPress profile plugin that’s flexible and modular. A lot of stuff can be turned on or off by single click.

ProfileGrid is pretty both on the frontend AND the dashboard area. We understand you spend a lot of time inside the dashboard, therefore, we made sure the admin facing interface is clean and organized. You will absolutely love it when you first log into ProfileGrid. And it looks even better once profiles start to fill in!

With release of version 4.1.0 we have added a bunch of new shortcodes which offer amazing amount of flexibility with displaying different types of user groups and user profiles data inside your WordPress theme and widgets. Brand new content enclosure shortcodes allow you to take control of content restrictions and membership access to granular level. Using new dynamic content shortcodes you can create personalized content for your users.

Dashboard areas include:

  • Group Manager to create, edit and manage groups, and set membership rules.
  • Custom Fields Manager to manager Profile Sections and Fields.
  • User Profiles area to view, search and filters User profiles and members.
  • Requests to manage and moderate membership requests for closed groups.
  • Email Template manager to create and edit email notifications for users.
  • User Blogs to manage user submitted blog posts.
  • Global Settings to fine tune your ProfileGrid installation.
  • Shortcodes page to help you understand how shortcodes work.

Frontend offers a slew of shortcodes to present custom user profile related areas to the visitors. These are:

  • Groups page showing a grid of Groups for users to browse and sign up for them.
  • Group page showing Group’s details and all its members.
  • Profile page showing single custom User Profile with blogs and conversations.
  • Single and Multipage sign up forms. Latter splitting Sections into pages.
  • All Users page displays all members without grouping them, with global search.
  • Login and Password Recovery pages.

Find complete list of shortcodes here.

Group Attributes

  • Group Name
  • Group Type – Open/ Closed
  • Group Description
  • Group Badge/ Icon/ Logo
  • Option to Hide Group Card
  • Membership Limit
  • Associate WordPress User Role
  • Group Manager (Selectable from Group Members)
  • Label for Group Manager
  • Membership Type – Free/ Paid
  • Membership Price
  • Redirection after group registration
  • Custom message after group registration
  • Custom Email notifications for members
  • Email on joining Group
  • Email on joining request being denied
  • Email on account activation
  • Email on account deactivation
  • Email on password change
  • Email on account deletion
  • Email on publishing new post
  • Email when Group Manager resets password
  • Turn on Emails for Group Managers
  • Email on new membership request
  • Email on being assigned Group Manager

Profile Attributes

  • User Profile page user avatar photo
  • User Profile page Cover Photo
  • Parent Group picture appears on user page
  • User Profile page Sections
  • Custom User Profiles (Custom Fields for user profiles)

Custom Field Attributes

  • Field Label (as it appears on registration form and user page)
  • Field Description
  • Field Type
  • Placeholder Text
  • CSS Class
  • Maximum Length/ Rows/ Columns etc.
  • Field Label Icon or picture
  • Parent Group
  • Parent Section
  • Display on Sign Up form
  • Required/ Not Required
  • Fields visibility on Profile Page
  • Fields visibility on Group Page

Email Template Attributes

  • Template Name
  • Subject
  • Body with Mail Merge fields.

Restrict Content

  • Restrict content to logged in users
  • Restrict content to users of specific group
  • Restrict content to friends
  • Make contend private

Multi Author Blogging

  • Multi Author Blogs that integrate with frontend user profile
  • Users can write and submit blog entries from a frontend user page
  • Users can upload picture as featured image field
  • Option to choose between WordPress blogs and ProfileGrid blogs
  • Admins can moderate and approve Multi Author blog posts
  • Define initial status of Multi Author blog posts on blog submission

Private Messaging System

ProfileGrid features an inbuilt private messaging system that works in realtime – a rare WordPress profile plugin that offers advanced messaging capabilities as part of the core. Once you install and visit custom user profile page, you will see Messaging among other profile tabs. Features include:

  • A system that works in realtime using WordPress Heartbeat API
  • See live status of members you are chatting with
  • Supports emoji
  • Users can message anyone from their user profile page by clicking a button or typing username
  • Users receive live notifications and unread count when messaging tab is not active
  • Notifications also appear in left bar which shows active messaging threads

Friends System

ProfileGrid also comes with an inbuilt Friends system that allows users to other members as friends – once again a rare WordPress profile plugin that offers Friends system in core. Friends tab automatically appear on custom user profile page once it is activated in ProfileGrid Global Settings. The features include:

  • Users can add other members as ‘Friends’
  • User can send Friend requests
  • Users can accept or decline Friend request
  • All friends appear on user profile page inside ‘Friends’ tab
  • Users can remove friends from Friends tab.
  • Admin can set rule for resending, once declined friend requests
  • Friend request appear in Notification tab and add to unread count
  • Users can accept or decline friend request from user notification box
  • On accepting friend request friend’s user profile url appear inside user notification box

Global Settings

General Settings

  • Template Selection
  • Theme selection Light/ Dark
  • Redirection for Authors
  • Enable Gravatar
  • Allow or Disallow WordPress login page access to visitors
  • Allow or Disallow WordPress login page access to visitors
  • Hide WordPress toolbar
  • Set limit for password reset tries
  • Multiple Attachments
  • Map default WP Registration page
  • Redirection after user login
  • Redirect After logout
  • Map All Groups page
  • Map User Registration page
  • Map Single Group page
  • Define Sign Up form Style
  • Map Profile page
  • Map Login page
  • Map Password Recovery and Password Reset pages

Security Settings

  • Toggle reCAPTCHA
  • reCAPTCHA language
  • Site Key
  • Secret Key
  • Request method
  • Auto Logout after inactivity
  • Whitelist IPs
  • Blacklist IPs

Email Notifications (Global)

  • Send notifications to site admin
  • Manually define admin email notification recipients
  • User Account review notification
  • Account Deletion email notification
  • Turn on SMTP configuration
  • SMTP Host, Encryption, Port, Authentication, Username, Password
  • Test SMTP Connection

User Accounts

  • Turn on automatic approvals
  • Send User Activation Link in email
  • Display User Password change option
  • Show User Privacy options
  • Allow User Profile deletion
  • Account deletion warning text
  • Allow User Email change
  • Allow Users to hide their profiles
  • Default Profile Image, default user avatar
  • Default Cover Image

Email Notifications

  • Toggle Admin notifications
  • Define additional notification recipients
  • Toggle SMTP with credential fields


  • Import Users.
  • Importing parameters and field mapping.
  • Export Users.
  • Exporting parameters.

User Blogs

  • Turn User Blog Post Submission On/ Off.
  • Fetch Posts from WordPress Posts/ In-built System/ Both
  • Default Post state after user submission
  • Allow Feature Image
  • Allow tags
  • Use rich text editor
  • Privacy settings
  • Notify Users
  • Notify Admin

Private Messaging

  • Toggle Messaging On/ Off

Friends System

  • Toggle Friend System On/ Off
  • All resending friend requests
  • Period after which resending request is allowed


  • Profile Image Maximum File Size (in bytes)
  • Cover Image Maximum File Size (in bytes)
  • Image Quality
  • Profile image minimum width
  • Cover image minimum width


  • User Profile Page Title
  • User Profile Description (HTML Meta)


  • Payment Processor – Paypal (Free) & Stripe (Extension).
  • Toggle test mode.
  • PayPal Email.
  • Currency selection.
  • PayPal page style.
  • Currency symbol position.

As you can see, ProfileGrid core is pretty powerful in its own right and many will find it useful standalone. For those who need extra, there are plenty of extensions available. Present set of extensions include:

Custom User Profile Slugs

Define how your frontend user profile URL will appear to site visitors and search engines. Take control of your frontend user profile url permalink and add dynamic slugs.

More information about Custom User Profile Slugs

Group Photos

Allow your users to create and share Photo Albums within their Groups. Albums can be public or restricted to group members. Users can browse and enlarge photos, and post comments.

More information about Group Photos

User Display Name

Take complete control of your users’ display names. Mix and match patterns and add predefined suffixes and prefixes. There’s both a global and a group based option, allowing display names in different groups stand out!

More information about User Display Name

Custom Group Properties

Create and add custom data fields to user groups! Now your user groups can have more detailed information and personality just like your user profile pages. These fields appear on single group page.

More information about Custom Group Properties


Integrate ProfileGrid user profile properties and sign up system with the immensely popular bbPress community forums plugin.

  • bbPress User Profiles with Community Activity
  • bbPress Custom User Profiles Fields.
  • Edit bbPress User Profiles

More information about Free bbPress Integration

User Geolocation Maps

Publish interactive maps on your website showcasing locations of all registered users or members from a specific group using simple shortcodes. Features location markers with user info popovers.

More information about User Geolocation Maps

Frontend Group Creator

Give your registered users power to create their own user membership Groups. These Groups behave and work just like regular ProfileGrid membership groups.

More information about Frontend Group Creator

MailChimp Integration

Allow users to subscribe to your MailChimp lists. Comes with custom field mapping support and option for users to manage subscriptions right from their user profile area.

More information about MailChimp Integration


Combine the power of ProfileGrid’s user membership groups with WooCommerce to create enhanced WooCommerce user profiles with option to display purchases, reviews, manage addresses and more. This can be used instead of default WooCommerce user profile page for more engaging user experience.

  • WooCommerce Profile Builder.
  • WooCommerce User Profile with Payments, Reviews & Social Activity.
  • WooCommerce Custom User Profiles Fields.
  • Edit WooCommerce Customer Profiles.

Social Login

Allow users to connect and login using their social networking accounts. Users can manage connected accounts from their profile settings.

More information about Social Login

Custom User Profile Tabs

Display user specific, or custom content, from other plugins as additional tabs on user profiles. You can add as many custom tabs you like. Examples of practical uses include, events, meetings, forms, listings, directories etc.

More information about Custom User Profile Tabs

myCred Integration

Reward your website users with custom ranks and badges, on reaching predefined goals, using powerful and free myCred points system. Ranks and Badges will also be displayed on their user profiles.

More information about myCred Integration

User Photos

Allow users to create albums and upload photos to them. Albums can be public or private, or shared with fellow group members or friends. Other users can post comments on photos.

More information about User Photos

Menu Restrictions

Use in-built ProfileGrid hierarchy to hide or show menu items on your site! You can mark specific menu items to be visible or hidden only to certain group(s). Additionally, create specific menu items for Group Managers of selected or all groups.

More information about Menu Restrictions

= WooCommerce Wishlist Integration=
Allow your website users to access and manage their product wishlists from their user profile area. Wishlists are synced dynamically with popular WooCommerce Store system.

More information about WooCommerce Wishlist Integration

Instagram Integration

Show Instagram tab on User Profile page with user’s Instagram photos inside it. Instagram connection can be managed from user profile area.

More information about Instagram Integration

Group Wall

Add social conversation feature to user groups on your website. Group members can compose new posts and respond to existing ones as comments.

More information about Group Wall

Login Logout Menu

Show or hide menu items based on user’s login state. Additionally, you have option to add User Profile, User Groups and Password Recovery as menu items.

More information about Login Logout Menu

WooCommerce Extensions Integration

Supercharge ProfileGrid’s integration with WooCommerce by adding integrations with major WooCommerce extensions.

More information about WooCommerce Extensions Integration

EventPrime Integration

Create social events by integrating with EventPrime, a WordPress events plugin. Use the power of EventPrime’s amazing event management tools to create and manage your very own ProfileGrid group and member events.

More information about EventPrime Integration

Advanced Group Manager

Offer more power and control to your Group Managers. They can edit Groups, approve membership requests, moderate blogs, manage users, etc. from a dedicated frontend Group management area.

More information about Advanced Group Manager

Multiple Group Managers

Promote more than one group members to group managers and allow them to share group management responsibilities.

More information about Multiple Group Managers

User Profile Labels

Allow users to add profile labels to their user profiles as an additional way to highlight important information, such as user interests, designation etc.

More information about User Profile Labels

Stripe Payments

Start accepting credit cards on your site for group memberships and registrations by integrating popular Stripe payment gateway.

More information about Stripe Payments

User Profile Status

Allow members to upload and display custom status on their profiles, just like many popular social networking websites. Multiple statuses are supported with auto-scrolling.

More information about User Profile Status

Demo Content

Import readymade user profiles and groups with all the essential data. Can be used as preview or demo for your website, before actual users start signing up.

More information about User Profile Status

WooCommerce Product Integration

You can auto-assign groups to your users based on the type of products they buy or the amount of purchase they make on your WooCommerce store.

More information about User Profile Status

Hero Banner

Create attractive hero banners for your membership website using user profile images dynamically generated as a grid with subtle animations.

More information about Hero Banner

WooCommerce Subscription Integration

Integrate WooCommerce product subscriptions with ProfileGrid Groups. Automatically, Assign or remove user groups based on WooCommerce subscription status.

More information about WooCommerce Subscription Integration

WooCommerce Members Discount

Allow preset discounts on WooCommerce products purchase based on group membership. Discounts can be a fixed amount or a percentage of the product price.

More information about WooCommerce Members Discount

WooCommerce Product Tabs

Add custom tabs on WooCommerce product pages. It also allows enabling or disabling the custom tabs on specific products.

More information about WooCommerce Product Tabs

Online Users

Display a list of currently logged in users with their profile images and display names using WordPress widget.

More information about Online Users

User Activities

Display a list of recent activities by website users inside a beautiful widget, that can fit any widget area of your website.

More information about User Activities

WooCommerce Product Recommendations

Display product suggestions right inside user profiles based on the user’s purchase history.

More information about WooCommerce Product Recommendations

Recent User Signups

A widget and a shortcode allowing you to display a pre-defined number of recently registered users with profile images, and an option to add a custom link.

More information about Recent User Signups

User Profile Reviews

Allow your website users to rate and review fellow user profiles. Advanced options and restrictions allow you to customize it to fit different scenarios.

More information about User Profile Reviews

User Groups Slider

A beautiful carousel slider that displays one group per slide. Highly configurable and fits any widget area of your site theme.

More information about User Group Slider

Users Slider

A beautiful carousel slider that displays one user profile per slide. Highly configurable and fits any widget area of your site theme.

More information about User Slider

Featured Group

A customizable banner widget that allows you to display a specified user group as featured group on your website.

More information about Featured Group

Profile Completeness

Add a profile completeness progress bar on user profile pages, encouraging your website users to fill out remaining profile data.

More information about Profile Completeness

Widgets Privacy

Adds additional privacy options to all ProfileGrid widgets. Now you can restrict relevant information only to intended audience.

More information about Widgets Privacy

Zapier Integration

Extend the power of ProfileGrid using Zapier automation! Connect with over 3000 apps using readymade templates or create custom automations to work with ProfileGrid triggers.

More information about Zapier Integration

MailPoet Integration

Allow users to subscribe to your MailPoet lists. Comes with custom field mapping support and option for users to manage subscriptions right from their user profile area.

More information about MailPoet Integration

Elementor Content Restrictions

Adds the feature to restrict Elementor page builder content based on ProfileGrid’s privacy levels like user groups, friends etc.

More information about Elementor Content Restrictions

Elementor User Login

Adds ProfileGrid login box as native Elementor login widget for building beautiful custom login pages.

More information about Elementor User Login

ProfileGrid Translations

Please check out this post to learn translating ProfileGrid to your language.

  1. Download the plugin

  2. Go to your Dashboard and locate Plugins tab. Click on Upload Plugin and specify the path of downloaded plugin in the text box.

  3. Click on Activate Plugin

Is there a limit to the number of users I can register?

No, there is no limit. Although you can limit the number of users for each group you create.

How can I add custom fields to a group?

Click “Fields” button on a group card to go to fields manager for that particular group. Here you can add, edit and sort the fields here.

Can I rearrange fields in my forms?

Yes, you can change field order of custom fields by drag and drop method in dashboard


  • Fixed: An issue with Create New Group.


  • Fixed: An issue with Group Options where paid membership price option was not visible.


  • New: Improved All Groups page with new UI.
  • New Improved Group Options page with new UI. Options are now organized into separate tabs for easier editing.
  • Multiple UI and workflow tweaks.


  • Minor CSS fixes.


  • Minor jQuery fixes.
  • Minor CSS fixes.


  • Fixed: An issue with profile notifications.
  • Fixed: A jQuery error in WordPress dashboard (console error).
  • Fixed: A warning message during fresh installation on single Group Page.


  • Added: Auto-scroll to top when there is validation error while submitting registration form.


  • Updated: Deprecated Google+ field in profile fields since the service is no longer available.


  • Usability improvements.


  • Fixed: An issue with profile image in comments section when BuddyPress is installed and active.


  • Fixed: An issue with cover image and profile image uploading process.


  • New: Gutenberg Block – User Directory.
  • Updated: Visual improvements to user directory page.
  • New: Option to choose user card size on user directory page.
  • New: Option to control login form override (RegistrationMagic login form).


  • Minor UI changes.


  • UI Fixes.


  • Updated: Extension titles.


  • Revamped user search experience will new features! Options moved to separate area in Global Settings.
  • New: Elementor Extension with native Elementor widgets for ProfileGrid.


  • Fixed: An issue where using multiple file upload profile field was returning error.
  • Fixed: An issue with edit and delete feature in messaging.


  • Fixed: HTML parsing issues in User Blogs comments section.
  • Fixed: An issue which resulted in 502 error in some cases.


  • UI Changes.


  • Fixed: An HTML parsing issue with password reset email.


  • Fixed: An issue where Content Restriction Options did not displayed properly with classic editor.
  • Fixed: Cover image error on frontend.


  • Fixed: An issue with reset password feature.
  • Fixed: Notices on widgets.
  • Fixed: Notification close issue on user profiles.


  • Fixed: Dismissible admin notice UI.
  • Added: We have made accessing group forms easier, by introducing new admin submenu ‘Forms’.


  • Fixed: An issue where filtering user blog posts by tags returned 0 results in the admin area.


  • Security fixes.


  • Security fixes.


  • Security fixes.


  • Fixed: An issue where readonly field value would disappear on editing profile.


  • New: Gutenberg blocks for User Blogs and Blog Submissions are now available.


  • Fixed: An issue with last release on plugin activation.


  • Added: Installation message.
  • Added: Option to download extensions currently in beta.


  • Minor UI changes. Global Settings is now better organized.


  • New: Gutenberg block for All Groups view.
  • New: Gutenberg block for Single Group view.
  • Fixed: Notices in Multi-Group Manager Extension.
  • Fixed: An issue with Instagram tab, in Social Login extension.
  • Fixed: ProfileGrid Widgets Privacy extension CSS related issued.
  • Updated: Elementor Content Restrictions extension.
  • Updated: Elementor User Login extension.


  • Fixed: An issue with content restriction settings.
  • Fixed: An issue with Gutenberg block settings.


  • New: Gutenberg Block for publishing signup forms.
  • New: Gutenberg Block for publishing login forms.
  • New: Elementor User Login Extension.
  • Fixed: PHP notice.


  • Fixed: An issue with password recovery page.


  • Fixed: An issue with URL profile field.


  • Fixed: UI issue impacting tabs layout on member pages on some websites.
  • Fixed: JS issue while adding or removing friends on frontend.


  • Fixed: Member cards shortcode now inherits default sorting.
  • Added: Member cards shortcode now accept additional parameters of sort by, with different available values.


  • Fixed: Layout issues in private messaging view on mobile portrait orientation.


  • Added: Option to select all users on Members page in admin area.
  • New: Elementor Content Restriction Extension!


  • Minor UI Fixes.


  • Fixed: An issue where irrelevant profile fields appeared in user filters on group page.
  • Updated: ProfileGrid Member Profile Reviews.
  • Updated: Profilegrid Custom Profile Tabs.
  • Updated: ProfileGrid User Display Name.
  • Updated: Profilegrid Menu Restrictions.


  • Improved: CSS to work with dark themes.
  • New: Zapier extension supporting external automation!


  • Fixed: An issue with blog publishing shortcode filtered by username.
  • Improved: Extension installation workflow for WooCommerce and bbPress.


  • Minor UI Fixes.
  • New Extension: ProfileGrid Widgets Privacy, is now available!


  • Fixed: Privacy options moved to right sidebar since they were covering large part of block editor view.
  • Added: 9 new hooks.


  • Fixed: And error which was displayed in some scenarios.


  • Fixed: An error which appeared during some scenarios on admin page Member page.
  • Fixed: An issue with blog notifications inside User Profiles on frontend.
  • Fixed: An issue with comments layout on User Blogs on frontend.
  • Fixed: An issue with cover image on Astra theme on frontend.
  • Fixed: An issue where user status was incorrectly displayed in admin area Members page.


  • Fixed: An issue with profile and cover images in multisite environment.


  • Fixed: An issue with user import feature.


  • Fixed: An issue with forgot password link.
  • Improved: Mobile responsiveness with messaging module.
  • Fixed: An issue with Custom Tabs extension while using Elementor.


  • Fixed: Minor issues with messaging module.


  • Fixed: An issue with private messaging while using Display Name Extension.
  • Fixed: An issue with WooCommerce review author names.


  • Improved: Private Messaging System.
  • Changed: Admin Menu Order.
  • Fixed: An issue with WooCommerce Members Discount extension.


  • Added: 65 strings for translation.
  • New: URL profile field with anchor text.


  • New: User Meta option inside Profile Fields to attach field values to WordPress user_meta.
  • Added: Profile Completeness Extension.
  • Updated: User Photos Extension, with option to add more media types.


  • New: Read-only profile field.


  • New: Read-only profile field.
  • New: Custom URL profile field.
  • Fixed: Minor issues with SEO settings.
  • New: Extension added – Featured Group.
  • New: Extension added – Users Carousel Widget.


  • New: Customizable friend request email notification.
  • Fixed: View link issue in message notification in notification tab.


  • Improved: Profile editing workflow.


  • Added: New hook on user request.
  • Fixed: An issue with translation of gender field.
  • Fixed: An issue with gender field database saving.
  • Fixed: An issue with SMTP mails.
  • Fixed: A scenario which returned error on search.


  • Resolved some potential CSS conflicts.


  • Security issue fix.


  • Added: New option for default sorting of groups on frontend.
  • Added: New option for default sorting of users on frontend (group and directory pages).
  • Added: New option to define number of groups per page on frontend.
  • Added: New option to define number of users per page on frontend (group and directory pages).
  • Improved: JS and CSS performance handling for extensions.
  • New: Free Extensions – Groups Carousel Widget.
  • New: Extension: Member Profile Reviews.


  • Fixed fields manager section issues with Chinese language.
  • Added new settings to combine JS and CSS for improved site performance.


  • Fixed recreation of shortcode pages upon activation.
  • Fixed a bug with gender radio box.


  • New: Admin option to define custom post slugs for user blogs.
  • New: Admin option to define custom post slugs for Group Wall Extension.
  • Fixed: Year selection limitation in dashboard edit user.
  • New: Admin option in Geolocation Extension to retrieve coordinates using more secure CURL method.
  • New: Recent Signups Extension.


  • Fixed: An issue where WooCommerce session was prematurely terminated.
  • Added: New translatable strings.
  • Added: Two new extensions!


  • UI Improvements and fixes.
  • Added new extension – Online Users Widget.


  • Fixed: Date Picker year issue.


  • New: dashboard area theme to complement revamped ProfileGrid website.
  • Improved: Group Card user timestamps now follow default WordPress date and time formats.
  • Improved: Code optimization.


  • Fixed: An issue related to members tab visibility on the group page.


  • Improved: Global Settings page now has a new cleaner look. Icons have been redone and layout is more productivity focussed. Extension settings have been separated from Core settings.
  • Fixed: Some people faced problems with image cropping system for profile image uploads. This has been fixed.
  • Added: Registration link now appears on log in page, improving user experience.


  • Bug fixes.
  • Added new extension – ProfileGrid WooCommerce Members Discount!
  • Added new extension – ProfileGrid WooCommerce Product Custom Tabs!


  • Major new feature added: Now you can selectively turn on or off individual profile elements to get that perfect combination you want! Just go to Dashboard –> ProfileGrid –> Global Settings –> Element Visibility.
  • New feature added: Decided which Groups you wish to show on All Groups page.


  • Added Register form link to Login box.


  • Searching messages now excludes private profiles or profiles with ‘Hide my profile’ enabled.
  • Fixed more (+) groups link on profile page.
  • Fixed a console error on profile page.
  • Fixed an issue with User Photos extension.
  • Fixed an issue with Geolocation extension.
  • Updated version number for WooCommerce Subscriptions extension.


  • workflow improvements.


  • New extension added! – ProfileGrid Hero Banner
  • New extension added! – ProfileGrid WooCommerce Subscription Integration.
  • Profile images are now linked to profiles.
  • Fixed an issue with user import process.


  • New extension added! – ProfileGrid Demo Content
  • New extension added! – ProfileGrid WooCommerce Product Integration.
  • Added option to edit default membership termination email template.
  • GMT Date issue fixes in Group Photos Extension.
  • Minor fixes in ProfileGrid Custom Tab Extension.


  • Updated counties list.
  • Compatibility update for latest Instagram APIs.


  • Minor bug fixes.
  • Accessibility changes to shortcodes page.


  • First name and last name fields are now marked required in edit profile view.
  • Terms and Conditions checkbox no longer appears in edit profile view.
  • Frontend Group Creator: By default, users are automatically made member of groups they create on front-end. Admin can change this to make them group manager on creation of group from global settings.
  • Advance WooCommerce integration: WooCommerce subscriptions now appear in user profile tabs.


  • Improved shortcodes page.
  • Fixed: a bug in Group Managers shortcode.


  • Added: Brand new set of feature and content shortcodes!
  • Granular content restriction through new shortcodes.
  • Dynamic content shortcodes for personalized content.
  • Added: New feature for Geolocation extension. – Now you can show only logged in users on the map.
  • Added: New feature for Geolocation extension. – Now you can restrict location details to Group Managers.


  • Minor CSS Fixes.


  • New extension added! – ProfileGrid Menu Restrictions.
  • New extension added! – ProfileGrid User Photos.
  • Fixed a minor issue with Group Manager assignment.


  • Fixed an issue related to section.


  • Added New Profile Field for NickName.
  • Fixed an issue related to Admin Only option in the field.
  • Fix compatibility issues with PHP 7.4.
  • Extension updated – ProfileGrid Group Photos.


  • Fixed reset password link issue within Multisite environment.
  • Fixed an issue where multiple emails were being sent to notify users about unread messages.
  • New extension added! – User Profile Status
  • Extension updated with new reordering feature – Login Logout Menu.


  • Fixed extensions related errors.


  • Messaging system code revamped.
  • Fixed an issue with recently introduced rich text profile field.


  • Fixed an issue causing conflict with page optimization plugin reported by @na1man


  • All emails can now be managed from Email Templates section.
  • Added rich text editor option in custom fields. Works only for logged-in users.
  • Fixed an issue with importing configuration files.
  • By default added NOFOLLOW attributed to links inside user submitted blog posts.
  • Resolved a known conflict with other plugins.
  • Fixed an issue with Stripe payments.
  • Fixed an issue with Group Manager selection.
  • Fixed an auto-fill issue while assigning secondary Group Managers.
  • Fixed an issue with profile tab reordering.


  • Added new feature! Now you can set global profile privacy level as private.


  • Fixed an issue which restricted some users from removing profile image.
  • Fixed an error with string translation.
  • Fixed an issue with profile settings tab visibility.


  • Minor Fixes.


  • Fix for security check problem on login.
  • Resolved invalid argument warning from PHP.
  • Resolved multiple warnings issue for Group Wall extension.
  • Added Feature for Tabs reordering and renaming.


  • Multiple usability improvements.
  • Fixed load configuration json file upload issue.
  • Fixed multiple posts on submission issue.
  • Launched ProfileGrid Profile Labels extension.


  • Usability improvements.


  • Minor CSS Fixes.


  • Minor improvements related to below release:
  • Launched 8 new User Profile Template.
  • CSS improvements related to WordPress 5.3.


  • Launched 8 new User Profile Template.
  • CSS improvements related to WordPress 5.3.


  • Improved restricted content functionality.
  • Added rich content capability.


  • Minor CSS Fixes.


  • Usability improvements.


  • Fix for the invalid Manager Profile link on group page.


  • Usability improvements (login page).


  • Instagram Integration.
  • Usability Improvements.


  • Usability Update.


  • Dashboard UI overhaul.
  • Multiple Usability Improvements.
  • Added option for group sorting.


  • Fix for the issue where members were displaying on search page after deleting the default group.
  • Information message error implemented for user blog page.
  • Workflow improvement for redirection after adding new wall post.
  • Integration support for WooCommerce Wishlist.


  • Added support for EventPrime Integration extension.


  • Added feature to allow groups fields to be authorised for only admin.


  • Fix for issue that allowed access to the profile page and subscribe even if it is a closed group.
  • Display error when saving new group with no user role selected.
  • Fix for profile image verification issue.


  • Stripe integration for ProfileGrid is now SCA ready.


  • Multiple Third-Party API Fixes.


  • Fix for Bio field in dashboard.


  • Minor CSS Fixes.
  • Multi-language support across all extensions.
  • Fix for wall post formatting issue.


  • Minor usability update.


  • Important Optimization/Performance Issue Fix for Heartbeat Ajax.
  • Enabled Email Template Option for Specific ProfileGrid Events.


  • Added Translations for Brazilian Portuguese Language.


  • Updates to message text.
  • Deleted group fields will no longer be searchable.


  • New Feature- custom Group Page links: allows to display the custom page when users click on given Group’s link.
  • New Extension- myCRED Integration: Integrate popular points system for WordPress with ProfileGrid to assign to the users.


  • Bug fix for translate issue in blog.
  • Bug fix for lifter LMS and PG compatibility.
  • Bug fix for wpDiscuz plugin and ProfileGrid compatibility.
  • Bug fix for custom theme template workflow with child theme.
  • Bug fix for reCAPTCHA loading globally across the site.


  • Added compatibility with the Multi Group Managers extension.


  • Added option in PG backend to edit email template for user activation.
  • Added German Translations.


  • Fixes for email formatting.
  • text-domain changes.


  • Added new hooks related to profile image.
  • Added new hooks related to cover image.
  • Added new hook for user profile update.
  • Added new hook for user suspension activity.
  • Added new hook group manager promotion activity.
  • WooCommerce promo update.


  • Minor bug fixes.


  • Fix for mandatory activation link verification.
  • Fix for console error on profile page.
  • Fix for “pm” keyword on Login, Registration, All Groups, Group pages.
  • Fix for RegistrationMagic shortcodes being visible on Payments and Registrations tab on My profile page in Settings tab, even when RegistrationMagic is disabled.
  • Fix for ProfileGrid Extensions file displaying the evaluation order error with PHP7.


  • Bug fixes.


  • Bug fix for message link not directing properly.
  • Group photos tab warning message fix.
  • PG Extensions activation fix.


  • Usability fixes to the Paragraph field.
  • Profile tabs exceeding width of the profile area will now display as dropdown links.
  • Improvements in integration with RegistrationMagic.


  • Added new shortcode to display all ProfileGrid User Blogs.
  • The new shortcode can either display only ProfileGrid User Blogs or User Blogs with default WordPress posts.
  • The new shortcode can display posts either of specific users or all users.


  • ProfileGrid is now WordPress 5.0.1 compliant.


  • Minor bug fixes.


  • New: Email Notifications for unread Private Messages.
  • New: Create Group pages with a single click directly from Group cards.
  • New: Shortcodes on the dashbord Shortcodes page now link to the pages containing the shortcodes.
  • New: Menu items can now be added for individual User Profiles as well as Individual User Groups.
  • New: Login widget for quick login and profile display.
  • New: Widget to display list of ProfileGrid User Blogs.
  • Fixed: Design conflicts with Divi theme.
  • Added: Cover Image and Privacy Options now available on dashboard Edit Profile Page.


  • Usability and workflow improvements.


  • New: Integration with RegistrationMagic plugin. Now you can create advance signup forms for user registrations!
  • New: Assign custom registration forms in Group Settings while using RegistrationMagic.
  • New: Use RegistrationMagic’s advance login system with ProfileGrid.
  • New: Map Group Profile fields with registration form field values in Profile Field settings.
  • New: Show RegistrationMagic user data in User Profile’s Settings page to the user. Also added ability to rename tabs.
  • Updated POT file to include all texts from the plugin for easier translations.


  • Fix for issue with uploading profile image.


  • Minor fix for UI.


  • Active section name will now be highlighted on profile page.


  • Fix for special character usage in chat.
  • Fix for default value of ‘Fetch Posts From’ setting.


  • Fix for backend and frontend loading when there are high number of users.


  • Fixed workflow issue with profile editing from front-end.


  • Fix for email templates.


  • New: Users can now join multiple groups!

  • New: Open and Closed Group Types

  • New: Up to 4 Group Badges/ Icons on profile header

  • New: Groups Tab in use profiles displaying user’s Groups

  • New: Ability to join Open Groups with single click

  • New: Group Membership request system for Closed Groups

  • New: Added Requests page in dashboard area to manage membership requests

  • New: Group joining notification in user profile Notifications tab

  • Changed: Group Leader feature is now relabeled Group Manager

  • Changed: While editing users in dashboard, you can now assign them multiple Groups

  • Added: Option to relabel Group Manager

  • Added: Multiple new email notifications and pre-built templates

  • Added: New Frontend Group Manager Extension

  • Fixed: Multiple bugs and fixes


  • Added: Notification about imminent version 3.0 release.


  • Feature to allow uploading of default background image.


  • Updated feedback system


  • Improved handling of profile image and icon upload in dashboard.


  • UI Fixes.
  • Usability improvements.


  • Minor Fixes.


  • UI Changes.


  • Fixed an issue with user profile file upload field.


  • Security fixes


  • Minor Fixes.


  • Multilingual translations Fixes
  • Usability Fixes


  • Minor fixes.


  • Minor fixes.
  • New Extension: Custom Profile Tabs.


  • Improved Blogging feature with option to select default WordPress posts.


  • Multiple bug fixes.


  • UI Fix.


  • Language corrections in Helptext
  • Usability Fixes


  • Added Groups Menu widget.
  • Added option to hide admin bar for logged in users.


  • New Extension: Social Login.


  • Added responsiveness for small screen devices.
  • Minor fixes


  • Fixed an issue with JS not loading on some pages properly.


  • Fixed a JS issue from previous release.


  • Large number of under the hood improvements.
  • Multiple usability fixes.


  • Bug fix related to Arabic translation.


  • Lots of bug fixes and improvements.
  • Better workflow with built in Blogging system.


  • Fixes an issue where in some cases profile image uploads will not work.
  • Usability improvements


  • Compatibility update for WordPress 4.9
  • JS Fixes


  • Security Improvements
  • Added Starter Guide link to the All Groups page


  • Fixed an issue with translations
  • UI Fixes


  • Minor PayPal security fix
  • UI Fixes


  • UI Fixes


  • Added new extensions – WooCommerce Integration and MailChimp
  • UI Changes


  • UI Changes


  • Bug fix in file upload field.
  • UI Fixes


  • Added a host of new settings, tweaks and options.
  • New User Account Section in Profiles with privacy options.
  • New Email Notifications added.
  • New SEO Settings section.
  • New Image restrictions section.
  • New Configuration Import/ Export section.
  • New Security settings added.
  • Random bug fixes.


  • Bugs and compatibility fixes.


  • CSS fixes.


  • GUI Fixes.
  • reCAPTCHA fix.


  • Minor bug fix.


  • Fixed an issue with profile and cover uploading experienced by some users.


  • CSS fixes.


  • Bugs and compatibility fixes.


  • CSS Compatibility fixes.


  • UI Changes.


  • CSS fixes.
  • bbPress Extension.


  • Minor changes.
  • New Extension.


  • New! Launching Extensions for ProfileGrid.
  • Bug fixes and feature improvements.


  • Bugs and compatibility fixes.


  • Minor UI improvements


  • CSS Compatibility fixes.
  • New Extension.


  • Minor changes.
  • New Extension.


  • Multiple UI and bug fixes.


  • Social fields are now clickable.
  • Fields with empty values will now be hidden by default.


  • Added ‘Theme’ option in general settings. Now you can select between light and dark styles to suite your site theme.
  • GUI changes and fixes.


  • GUI Improvements.


  • New! Launching Extensions for ProfileGrid.
  • Bug fixes and feature improvements.


  • Paypal Usability improvements and bug fixes.
  • Corrected few typos.


  • Introducing Friends System
  • Introducing Notifications
  • Added ‘Friends’ privacy level in blogs
  • Now users can add other users as friends by friends
  • Users can accept or decline friend requests
  • Users can manage friends from their profile area in ‘Friends’ tab
  • Users can view notifications from their profile area in ‘Notifications’ tab
  • Notifications will have badge count for new notifications
  • Users can remove notifications from notifications area
  • Users can act on certain notifications right from notification card
  • UI and Bug fixes


  • Fixed: Bug fixes for User Blogs.


  • Introducing profile menu for additional features
  • Introducing User Blogging System. Allows your site users to add front end blog posts.
  • Introducing Private Messaging System for conversations among registered users.
  • Added settings for User Blogs and Private Messaging.
  • Added new dashboard Menu – User Blogs.
  • Added new Shortcode to render front end post submission form.
  • Now there are 3 profile tabs – About, Blog and Messages (More coming soon).
  • You can start a conversation with a user by clicking on “Message” link on his/ her profile.
  • You can start a conversation with a user right from your profile area using “New Message” link and entering @username of the recipient.
  • Realtime suggestions for users once you start typing username in “To” field.
  • Realtime notifications for incoming messages using WordPress Hearbeat APIs.
  • Messaging area shows online status of recipients.
  • Emojis to allow your users express themselves in multiple ways.
  • Lots of GUI and Bug fixes.


  • Fixed: Compatibility issues with some popular plugins.


  • Added whole lots of new custom field types!


  • Reorganized menu and added Tools option in Global Settings


  • Import/ Export Users functionality added.

  • Minor fix for advance search feature.


  • Fixed PayPal redirection issue.
  • Fixed a bug.


  • Added advanced search functionality to Members Directory view. Now visitors can search within specific groups and restrict searches to selected custom fields.


  • Now you can move users from one group to another in batch. Just select users in User Profiles, and click MOVE.
  • GUI changes and fixes.


  • Now users can crop their profile and cover images before uploading. Helps in maintaining quality and aspect ratio of images.
  • GUI changes and fixes.
  • Added anchor tag to website field. It can now be clicked to open in a new window.


  • Profile page will now show First Name and Last Name, instead of username, if both are filled by the user.
  • Added helptext for payment settings.


  • Added option for sending email when password is changed by the user


  • Added PayPal for accepting payments. Now you can create paid groups!


  • Usability improvements and bug fixes.


  • Fixe for Terms and Conditions field.


  • Minor Compatibility issue fixes.


  • Usability improvements and multiple fixes.


  • Fixed issue: Deactivated users are no longer visible on the front end.


  • CSS Compatibility fixes.


  • Cursor now shows grab icon when hovering on drag and drop handle.


  • Now if the user is already logged in, sign up button will no longer appear on group pages.


  • Added Support for Multilingual translations. 15 .po/ .mo files available now.


  • Fixed spelling errors.


  • Usability improvements and bug fixes.


  • Fixed missing Sign Up button in some cases.
  • CSS fixes and improvements.


  • Changed the help text for drop-down options field.
  • Corrected few typos.


  • Bugs and compatibility fixes.


  • Bug fixes related to profile editing.
  • Displays warning prompt when deleting a user in dashboard.


  • Bug fixes related to profile editing.


  • Admin able to click on small photos on group card and taken to user profile directly.
  • Admin able to click on the number on group card and taken to user profiles filtered for that group.


  • Fixed Issue with Duplicating of a Group(When duplicating a group, it also duplicates its section and fields).
  • Bugs and compatibility fixes.


  • change default email text in activation link email.
  • Now admin can show required groups with specific group ids, using “[PM_Groups ids=”1,2,5″]” shortcode.


  • Make text area values collapsible at front-end profile page.
  • Make Profile and cover images clickable for visitors.
  • Add option to hide group card in individual group setting page.


  • Send activation link in email to user.
  • Email fatal error fix when admin has not added “from” name and email ID.


  • Bug fix for child site settings in multi-site environment.


  • On User Profile page, section menu will not appear when there is only single section.


  • CSS Compatibility fixes


  • Multilingual translations supported now


  • Bugs and compatibility fixes.


  • Fixed an issue where custom theme folder was deleted on upgrading by introducing child theme structure
  • Fixed a CSS issue in Email Template Lists


  • Now User Email Field is added automatically to new forms
  • Fixed a JS issue


  • Added Dashboard icon


  • Helptext fixes


  • First Release