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Resurs Bank payment gateway for WooCommerce

0 Avg. Rating
30 Installs
Tested with WordPress 5.8.1

This plugin is an add-on for WooCommerce by Resurs Bank AB.

Resurs Bank Payment Gateway for WooCommerce.
WooCommerce Tested up to: 5.4.1
Maintenance release.


Official payment gateway for Resurs Bank (maintenance version).
Full support for all active shop flows. SoapClient is required as many of the administrative actions are using SOAP.
Requirements follows WooCommerce requirements, which means (as of june 2021) PHP 7.0 or higher.


There are no longer any guarantees that this plugin is compatible with older versions of woocommerce. Our intentions is
at least 3.4.0 and up. See the list below.

  • Compatibility: WooCommerce – at least 3.4.0
  • Plugin verified with PHP version 7.0 – 8.0

Upgrade notice

When developing the plugin for Woocommerce, we usually follow the versions for WooCommerce and always upgrading when
there are new versions out. That said, it is normally also safe to upgrade to the latest woocommerce.

Can I upgrade WooCommerce with your plugin installed?

If unsure about upgrades, take a look at resursbankgateway.php under “WC Tested up to”. That section usually
changes (after internal tests has been made) to match the base requirements, so you can upgrade without upgrade

Requirements and content

Project URLPlugin URL


Do you think there are ways to make our plugin even better? Join our project for woocommerce at Bitbucket

Want to add a new language to this plugin? You can contribute via

  1. Upload the plugin archive to the “/wp-content/plugins/” directory
  2. Activate the plugin through the “Plugins” menu in WordPress
  3. Configure the plugin via admin control panel

(Or install and activate the plugin through the WordPress plugin installer)
If you are installing the plugin manually, make sure that the plugin folder contains a folder named includes and that includes directory are writable, since that’s where the payment methods are stored.


When upgrading the plugin via WordPress plugin manager, make sure that you payment methods are still there. If you are unsure, just visit the configuration panel for Resurs Bank once after upgrading since, the plugin are rewriting files if they are missing.

As of v2.2.12, we do support SWISH and similar “instant debitable” payment methods, where payments tend to be finalized/debited long before shipping has been made. You can read more about it here

You may want to look at for updates regarding this plugin

In this release:

  • WOO-570 Resurs Annuity Factors Widget Error — Unable to fetch .variations_form: json.find is not a function

For a full list of changes, look here – is also included in this package.