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Centralize all Your WooCommerce Stores While Elevating Your Business with Hyper-advanced Features

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Tested with WordPress 5.8

This plugin is an add-on for WooCommerce.

RevCent will take your WooCommerce store(s) to the next level. Centralize all your WooCommerce stores in one location, for easier management, reporti …

RevCent will take your WooCommerce store(s) to the next level. Centralize all your WooCommerce stores in one location, for easier management, reporting and fulfillment. Then, take advantage of RevCent’s features that will have your sales and subscription revenue going through the roof.

Be sure to read the overview of key features below, and you will be quick to realize that RevCent is key to taking your Ecommerce business to the next level.

After you install the plugin, you must open a RevCent account, which you can do for free at RevCent’s Free Registration Page

Key Features Of RevCent

Centralize All Your WooCommerce Stores in One Place

  • No more logging into multiple shops for you and your employees.
  • Manage all your e-commerce tasks for all your shops from one place.
  • Connect all your third party services in one location.
  • Reporting for all your shops in one place.
  • Advanced filtering to show only sales and customers you want to see.

Increase Revenue with Advanced Payment Tools

  • Have an unlimited number of gateways/processors and balance their volume based on rules you set. Base rules on sales volume, number of chargebacks, declines and more.
  • Instant re-routing of declined transactions to multiple payment gateways at variable amounts to boost acceptance at time of purchase.
  • Schedule automatic re-attempts of declined transactions at a later date, for the same or a lesser amount.
  • Detect fraud before submitting a payment request to your processors.
  • Chargeback monitoring and mitigation via third party services.

Make More Money with Hyper-Advanced Features

  • Integrate your 3rd party services directly rather than through cumbersome or paid plugins.
  • Create unlimited email templates. Choose from 20 triggers. Send instantly, or minutes/hours/days/weeks after or before a trigger. Automate follow-ups, review requests, upcoming charge notices, decline emails, abandoned cart emails, and more.
  • Sell any offer type including straight sales, free trials, discounted trials, subscriptions, payment plans, usage-based billing, and license keys.
  • Group and segment customers based on lifetime spend, products purchased, sales channel, advertising source and more. Offer rewards or discounts to profitable customers.

The Conversion Tracking You Have Always Wanted

  • Add the RevCent tracking Code to all your domains, blogs and landing pages to track sales across all domains.
  • Append your URLs with meta data variables and they will be attached to the sales, customers and subscriptions that they yield.
  • As Google Ads partners, RevCent pulls the full array of data from the click id (gclid), and attaches it to the sale and customer.
  • Include meta data in your reports. See metrics like revenue, lifetime value, ROI and more based on the meta data you generate.

Business Insight Reporting Never Before Seen

  • Choose the report layout you love. Choose from Table, Timeline, Pie, Map, Metric, Cohort and Funnel layouts.
  • Reporting is on Google BigQuery, so RevCent can run immense big data queries fast for you.
  • See future sales, refunds, subscription renewals and more for every ad or keyword that generated the customer.
  • Customize your reports dashboard. Create infinite reports to visualize your business and take precise action.

Maximize Subscription Revenue Using a Serious Platform

  • No more relying on weak subscription plugins. Manage all your subscriptions within RevCent using its advanced tools.
  • Salvage declined subscription renewals by automatically retrying them on the same or different gateway, or even for a lesser amount.
  • Prevent more cancellations by applying a discount going forward, or a coupon for a set number of renewals.
  • Swap or add products / services on a subscription.
  • Modify billing schedules in many ways.
  • Reveal the renewal rates over time for subscriptions from every ad, campaign or keyword using Cohort reports.
  • Optional customer portals can let your customers self manage their subscriptions.

Own Your Customer and Payment Data to Avoid Losing Your Business

  • No more relying on your gateway or processor to store payment data that you LOSE if you part ways.
  • Gain the freedom to interchange and add processors as you see fit.
  • Never again let your data and subscriptions be held hostage. Bill your subscribers on the processors of your choice giving yourself the security of not being locked into one.
  • Data portability: If you wanted to move your customer and payment data to another platform, RevCent will provide it in a PCI compliant manner.

Support and Helpful Tips

The Knowledge Base is extensive with step-by-step instructions on setting up all features. Full knowledge base
How-to Videos are available to watch also. How-to videos

How To Use

Once the plugin is installed and activated, and you completed the easy setup steps in your RevCent account, you can manage all your sales, subscriptions and customers within your RevCent account. The easy to use dashboard lets you modify and fulfill your sales, and the RevCent API automatically updates the sales back in your WooCommerce store. You can manage all your WooCommerce stores from your single RevCent account.

You can preview all the features at and view support docs and instructions in the RevCent Knowledge Base

  1. Upload the entire revcent-payments folder to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory.

  2. Activate the plugin through the Plugins screen (Plugins > Installed Plugins).

  3. Register for your account at RevCent on RevCent’s Free Registration Page

  4. Login to your RevCent account and Complete the simple setup by following these easy steps

Do I need a RevCent account?

Yes. Sign Up with RevCent to get started.

Do I need to have coding skills to use RevCent Payments?

Absolutely not. Once installed, RevCent will automatically complete the installation and link your WooCommerce store.

Is RevCent a credit card processor?

No. RevCent is a billing platform that does subscription billing, recurring payments, invoice payments, product sales, memberships and more. You will enter the credentials of your existing payment gateway(s) into your RevCent account and the charges will be routed through them as you dictate. RevCent does have the ability to refer you to credit card processors where you can apply.

How much does RevCent cost?

You can open your RevCent account for free. You don’t pay anything until you begin charging customers. Once you are billing customers, the fee you pay is based on the overall sales volume you do. There are three pricing tiers. Click this link to See the Pricing Plans.

Can I use RevCent without WooCommerce?

Yes. While RevCent does easily integrate with WooCommerce, you can send sales into your account in some other ways. You can use RevCent’s API directly, you can use RevCent’s hosted checkout pages, and you can even embed checkout widgets on your website or blog. The choice is yours. You can use any and all of the methods of integration you want.


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  • Updated to include customer IP address.


  • Updated to include fraud results.


  • Updated to include Kount session ID if enabled.


  • Updated to include order fees as discount if negative.


  • Updated to include customer IP address in RevCent orders.


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  • Updated readme.txt.


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