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Shift schedule

5 Avg. Rating
30 Installs
Tested with WordPress 5.8

by Dovi42.

Create a shift schedule in one place, with any number of employees and shift type * (day, night, morning, afternoon, etc.) *.

The plugin was basically designed to create a shift schedule for nurses, but can be used anywhere where employees work multiple shifts. The plugin can be configured for holidays, holiday holidays reorganizations, and it also handles employee leave.

In the plugin settings you can set any number of shift types to which you can assign colors and letters. This is how it appears in the generated calendar. You can set whether to aggregate one type per employee (i.e., per row) and/or per column (i.e., per day).

The completed shift schedule can be inserted on the user side with the help of [shift-schedule] shortcode, or it can be scrolled and reviewed on the administrator page. It is also possible to display a print image on the administrator page.

Key features

  • Hire any number of employees
    There is no limit to how many employees can handle their shifts.
  • Categorization of workers
    Categories can be used as a filter for impressions.
  • Add any number of shift types
    You can record as many types of shifts as you need.
  • Weekends automatically
    The weekends for that month are calculated automatically by the plugin.
  • Rearrange holidays and workdays
    You can set which days are holidays and if the order of the working days changes, so can.
  • Management of free days
    The number of days off that the plugin manages can be assigned to the employee.
  • Appointment of a shift manager
    You can appoint shift manager(s) in the position.
  • Easy to insert into content
    You can easily insert the current, next, last, or specified month’s schedule into the content using * shortcode *. You can insert more than one page.
  • Print preview
    It is possible to display a print image in the administrator interface
  • Download CSV
    The schedule can be downloaded in a CSV file
  • Show daily subordinates
    Show today’s and tomorrow’s subordinates via shortcode.
    The display can be changed through filters.
  • Display week in content
    You can also insert the current or next week’s schedule into the content via shortcode.

Detailed description and examples

On the plugin’s website


Facebook support group

  1. Update your WordPress page
  2. Upload the plugin to the /wp-content/plugins/shift-schedule folder or install it using the WordPress plugin installer.
  3. Activate the plugin on the WordPress Plugins screen
  4. Set the default settings on the “Settings” tab of the plugin Settings -> Shift schedule settings screen! You can also create shift types here.
  5. Create subordinates in the Schedule users menu.
  6. You are done, you can now schedule your appointments in Schedule users -> Month schedule

Can I manage multiple locations in my schedule?

No, the plugin only handles one schedule.

Can I only enter whole hours in the schedule?

No, you can specify broken hours and the plugin counts that.

Can I export the position in Excel?

You can download the schedule in a CSV file, which you can edit in Excel.


  • It supports importing groups of WordPress users


  • Modify schedule types check


  • Add category filter on backend


  • Delete unnecessary filter


  • Christmas edition
    Categorization of workers – Categories can be used as a filter for impressions.


  • Clarify the backend link


  • Add version info to CSS and JS


  • [shift-schedule-users] Add properties hook


  • [shift-schedule-users] shortcode add filter parameter


  • [shift-schedule-users] shortcode extension (day=”2020-12-20″ or day=”+1″)


  • If WP_DEBUG ON, annotates the current WordPress timestamp in the source code


  • Insert current or next week in shorctcode


  • Add info hide option in shorctcode


  • Show today’s and tomorrow’s subordinates [shift-schedule-users]
  • Add text and image to subordinates.


  • Small bug fix
  • Check 5.6 compatible


  • Adding functions:
  • Print preview
  • Download CSV


  • Bugfix


  • Add “Schedule users” tab in settings


  • Modify shift type select
    Multiple shift types can be managed in the drop-down selector


  • First published version