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Time Express Parcels For WooCommerce

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Tested with WordPress 5.8.1

This plugin is an add-on for WooCommerce by Time Express.

Plugin Enables Option To Add Time Express as shipping provider

Time Express provides merchants a seamless integration on realtime shipping rate, order confirmation, dispatch, and tracking by selecting Time Express as your delivery partner.
Install and activate the Time Express plugin and add Time Express as your shipping partner on your woocommerce store.
At the checkout page customers can select Time Express to take advantage of their preferential rates, an order confirmation automatically will be sent for order execution and delivery to your assigned destination location.


• Easy Integration
Integrate Time Express in your merchant store by following these 3 simple steps;
1. Register with Time Express
2. Download and activate Time Express app
3. Assign Time Express Parcels to shipping zones

• Real time shipping rates
Real time shipping rates are available upon checkout. Rates are calculated based on the product weight, package dimension, and destination country.

• Seamless Order Processing & Tracking
New orders assigned to Time Express will be processed based on online order bookings, live tracking visibility of shipments status can be obtained using the tracking url.

How it works?
1. [Register with Time Express] (
2. Download and activate Time Express app .
3. Login to App dashboard using the registered username and password.
4. Enable Time express on the settings and choose the method for order processing.
5. Create shipping zones and assign time express as the shipping agent.
6. Real time shipping rate will available upon customer checkout.
7. All assigned orders will be processed automatically/ manually based on the settings.
8. Tracking number(AWB) and tracking url will be available for each processed order.
9. Customer will receive notification via email regarding the shipment information.

Real time rate calculation is done based on product weight, package dimensions, and destination. Package weight is calculated based volumetric or actual whichever is greater.

  1. Download the plugin zip and extract it to to the plugins directory
  2. Activate Time Express Parcels through the ‘Plugins’ menu in WordPress
  3. Click on Time Express Parcels in admin menu
  4. Login with Time Express Credentials that you get after signing up with
  5. Go to WooCommece>Settings>Shipping>Time Express Parcels and Enable it.

How do I start an account with Time Express?

Contact Time Express Parcels 600 50 3327 ( to create an account for you. Time Express will send you an account opening form with a unique account identification number.

How customers can track their shipment

Customers will receive an email regarding the shipment with tracking number and URL where they can real time know the location of their package.

How the rates are calculated

Real time rates are calculated based on product weight, package dimensions, and order destination.


  • Updated release.