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LSX Tour Operator

by LightSpeed.

The LSX Tour Operator is plugin specially designed & developed for the tourism and travel industry. Build to showcase your tours and accommodation.

3.8 Avg. Rating
60 Installs
Tested with WordPress 6.0.2

LightSpeed’s LSX Tour Operator plugin is here to help you take your Tour Operator business online.

The plugin features digital itineraries which include interactive galleries, day-by-day information, integrated maps that show a tour’s progression, information per destination, accommodation, activities and other features that will bring your tour offerings to life online.

A tour operator needs the destinations they offer to look amazing so your customer cannot say no. The LSX Tour Operator plugin makes this a reality. featured images capture attention, excerpts provide a glimpse into the magical world awaiting you. Click through and find out about the finer details. The LSX Tour Operator extension provide powerful destination content management features allowing you to featuring destinations super simple, and attractive to boot. We’ve also built a “Travel Style” feature so you can categorize tours by the type of experience they offer.

One of the essential ingredients in any tour is the accommodations that are stayed at along the way. Attach image galleries to each accommodation, Google Maps markers, assign a team member as an expert for each Accommodation, Choose an accommodation style, and much more. Detailed accommodation listings show off room facilities, image galleries, video material, reviews, interactive digital tours, special offers and team members.

Works with the free LSX Theme

The LSX Tour Operator plugin is designed for LSX Theme.

It’s free, and always will be.

We’re firm believers in open source – that’s why we’re releasing the Tour Operators plugin for free, forever. We offer free support on the LSX Tour Operator support forums.


The LSX Tour Operator plugin is actively developed with new features and exciting enhancements all the time. Keep track on the LSX Tour Operator GitHub repository.
Report any bugs via github issues.


Do you require functionality that the plugin alone does not provide? We’ve tried to forsee your requirements and provide you with a free solution! Check out our extensions, and enhance the power of your Tour Operator website!



Take a look at all our Frequently Asked Questions, we are sure you’ll find what you’re looking for.

If you are experiencing issues with the LSX Tour Operator Plugin, please log any bug issues you are having on the LSX Tour Operator Github Issues page.


If you’re a developer who’s spotted a bug issue and have a fix, or simply have functionality you think would extend our plugin, we are always happy to accept your contribution! Visit the Tour Operator Plugin on Github and submit a Pull Request with your updates.