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WP Directory Kit


Build your Directory portal, demos for Real Estate Agency and Car Dealership included

5 Avg. Rating
2K Installs
Tested with WordPress 6.3

Very easy to use and install, plugin will allow you to manage Listings, Categories, Fields from your admin dashboard.

As part of project solution we also build WordPress Theme for Real Estate Agency, NexProperty Real Estate Golden Realtor Directory Moison Apartment Theme Villa Theme

Also WordPress Theme for Car Dealers, NexCars

Can be also used for Business Directory, Store Locator, Classified Ads, Doctors Directory, Job Portal or any other type of Directory.

Almost everything possible to design visually in Elementor, including front pages, resutls pages, listing preview pages etc.

Visual designing support for search form and result item/cards.

More info on




  • Manage Listings
  • Manage Categories
  • Manage Fields
  • Different fields based on category
  • Select listings agent
  • Manage indoor amenities
  • Manage outdoor amenities
  • Listing plans
  • Galleries and Sliders on Listing Preview
  • Multi category and locations search
  • Multimedia fields integration
  • Result items support video and slider
  • Price range search slider
  • Translatable to any language
  • Multiple agents, categories, listings support
  • Full Elementor compatibility
  • Messaging support
  • Demo data import for Real Estate and Car Dealership
  • Open street maps support
  • Energy efficiency plugin available here: Download

Premium PAID addons / plugins / features available

Official Premium Addons Here


  • Stocksnap Images
  • License: StockSnap’s CC0 License
  • Source:

  • License: CC0 License

  • Source:

  • License: CC0 License

  • Source:

  • Slick

  • Author: Ken Wheeler
  • License: MIT
  • Source:

  • Blueimp

  • Author: Sebastian Tschan
  • License: MIT
  • Source:

  • Confirm

  • Author: Boniface Pereira
  • License: MIT
  • Source:

  • Confirm

  • Author: Ion.RangeSlider
  • License: MIT
  • Source:

This section describes how to install the plugin and get it working.

  1. Extract into /wp-content/plugins/ directory
  2. Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ menu in WordPress

Does WP Directory Kit works with all themes?

Yes all themes supported

Does WP Directory Kit require other plugins to work properly?

You can use it without any additional plugin but for complete functionality like custom fields and elementor support you need to install recommended plugins

I have troubles with favorites saving or some old data on website even after refresh?

Please try to disable all caching plugin and tools in your wordpress, server or pc

How to change currency?

Currency is just prefix/suffix on related price field in wpdirectorykit plugin.

Dashboard->Directory Kit->Fields->Edit sale price or rent price and change suffix/prefix

How to change language?



So use loco translate and translate/rename fields in admin dashboard

How to add new country in locations?

Admin->Directory Kit->Locations->Add location

Select Parent: Root

In Title enter new country name

Click on Save

Can WP Directory Kit work with other real estate themes?

Yes WP Directory Kit is compatible with third parity solution like:

realhomes, houzez, real estate 7

but default layout in such case will be in WP Directory Kit style and not in third parity theme/plugin style.

Great thing is that you can use it in same time with third parity plugins like:

propertyhive, hivepress, ulistings, opal and more…

Can we migrate from third party solution to Wp Directroy Kit?

Yes you can migrate if your current solution support CSV or XML export, then you need to use our import/export solution:

First you map fields then import this CSV/XML file into WP Directory Kit Plugin


  • Reset / Clear button support on search form
  • Login / Register links fixes
  • Show all subscription, removed limit of 10
  • multiple dropdown limit increased to 20
  • Text / Translations / Typos fixes
  • Slider fix
  • Email notifications templates improvements
  • Security improvement
  • Small fixes


  • Classified ads plugin compatibility
  • New elements to show Directory Categories in Elementor
  • Categories sorting in search form fixed
  • Small fixes


  • Booking addon payouts support
  • Membership addon agencies related agents
  • Classified ads plugin compatibility
  • Dependent fields visibility fix on dropdown
  • Load indicator and disable mutli form submission by mistake
  • Small improvements and fixes in layout and functionality


  • Small security improvement
  • Custom filters for listings


  • Small security improvement
  • RTL fixes
  • TranslatePress compatibility improvements
  • Map view improvements
  • Messages fix


  • Small security improvement
  • Category elementor widget improvement
  • Location elementor widget improvement


  • Small security hotfix
  • Phone number detection improvement in field


  • Disable cluster on map
  • Fix in categories, field visibility configuration
  • Map infowindow improvements
  • WooCommerce compatibility improvements
  • Count issue fix in listings manage dashboard
  • Layout improvements
  • Security improvements
  • Fixed Open Redirection
  • Fixed Cross-Site Request Forgery
  • Fixed file url issues
  • vendor libs update


  • Custom Profile Slug Support in Membership Addon Plugin
  • Sublistings feature added
  • RTL fix for phone numbers
  • Translations improvements, better TranslatePress GTranslate and Loco Translate support
  • Mobile API improvements
  • Membership payments links improvements
  • List profiles Elementor element
  • Profile elements improvements, more options in elementor like text limit in description
  • Search location/categories fields improvements filtering
  • Messages improvements, sorting, filter by id and more.
  • Layout improvements on many elements
  • NUMBER field type improvements, support dropdown if values defined
  • Compatibility with hivepress and geodirectory
  • PHP 8.2 compatibility improvements
  • Custom fields wanted tag support h1,h2…
  • Upload fiels fix on import, for specific urls with query string in url
  • Russian Language fix in PDF Generator Addon Plugin
  • Live chat addon plugin support

1.1.8 hotfix

  • Troubles with Locations editing


  • New nice dash widgets with stats
  • Stats elements for Admin Listings Management
  • GEO Coding addon plugin support
  • Accept terms checkbox/link on registration
  • Custom Marker Pin color based on category
  • Live Hints/Instructions on calendar (When using Booking Addon)
  • Price or other field value instead of Marker Pin Icon on Map
  • Listing preview elements now also supported on elementor_library post type
  • Listing preview page admin/agent now can see even if not activated
  • Fix for troubles on images, on some servers which using cdn/similar
  • Queries optimizations, Performance improvements on web and also app API
  • Mobile bottom navbar support
  • Better mobile support on elements, left/right scrolling on elements when using mobile
  • SVG Map addon plugin support
  • Better iframe detection, single quotes in iframe issue fix
  • Improvements in addons and compatibility with new versions
  • Few small improvements and bug fixes


  • Demo content install improvements
  • New sliders for listing preview
  • Video gallery support on Listings
  • Layout improvement on responsive search form
  • Elementor Social Icons Compatibility hotfix
  • CSS conflict fix for realtyna
  • Plugin activation troubles on old PHP versions <= 7.2
  • Validations when elementor not fully active


  • Demo content install improvements
  • Pricing formating issues fix
  • Custom fields for listing preview
  • Custom fields for frontend submision
  • Multiple directory/category improvements, custom fields for categories


  • this is hotfix for previous large update
  • date filtering issue fixed
  • profiles pagination fix
  • multiselect support added in elementor results element query
  • improvements for iOS comaptibility
  • slider price range layout improvements
  • prices formating improvements


  • Result items now support video and slider
  • Price range search slider
  • Listing Plans and Documents separated upload support
  • WDK Listing Gallery Element
  • Dropdown with multiselect and checkbox support
  • Old fashion multiple dropdowns for categories/locations
  • Is Visible on frontend option/improvements
  • Search in subcategories improvements
  • Multi search for agents
  • Login conflicts with third parity plugins ( Directorist )
  • Mobile app now supported
  • iframe support inside visual textarea
  • Kadence Theme Compatibility (.scroll-ignore issue)
  • Estatik plugin compatibility
  • Edit listing slug
  • Multiple agents, categories, listings support
  • Many small fixes and improvements

Notice: Update will require also update on Addons, specialy for membership and booking Addon


  • Currency conversion issues fixed


  • Search form default values support
  • Custom root category/location support on separate pages
  • Pagination issues fixed and improved
  • Videos issues on listing preview
  • Documentation improvements and faq in plugin
  • Pin map icons improvements
  • Improvements on loading map content
  • Installation proccess improvements
  • More addons description in plugin
  • New addons compatibility (Booking with payment, Membership Subscription with payment)
  • Few small layout/functionality fixes


  • Plugin compatibility issues
  • New addons support


  • General layout fixes
  • Location/Categories filtering fix for mobile
  • Fixes in addon compatibilities


  • General layout fixes
  • Responsiveness fixes
  • Payments Addon support
  • Fixes in Membership and Booking addon compatibilities


  • Issue with dissapearing locations solved
  • DATE field added, and booking addon now also exists
  • Agent page improvements, addon for membership now also exists
  • Improvements on demo import
  • more notifications/suggestions to user
  • Many other small improvements/fixes


  • Fix for map infowindow urls


  • Fix for search form


  • Complete plugin restructure
  • Frontend support with Elementor Widgets
  • Elementor support on all pages including Listing preview pages
  • Locations management
  • Agents management
  • Open street maps support
  • Search form designer
  • Result item/card designer
  • Messages support
  • Fields management
  • Settings
  • Demo data import for real estate and car dealers
  • Bulk actions


  • Initial release